How to effectively use Thrive Leads?

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I'm looking for some advice. I have a healthy living website and currently the biggest issue I'm facing is getting people to opt in to my email list. Last year the last few months I was using the Getresponse plugin and I was getting 2-3 sign ups a day average but I deleted one of my getresponse forms and everything went south from there.

Anyway, I made the decision to buy Thrive Leads I thought this would be the solution I'm looking for but hasn't worked at all for me so far.

I am going to try a pop up option form with free ebook but I really need some advice because everything I've tried so far - right side bar option and option at bottom of my post haven't got me any leads at all.

Does anyone have any good advice?

I may hire a freelancer but I really need a good idea that works. I have maybe 12 different ebooks I can give away - what does everyone think?
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  • Ebook is a great idea to get optin. People wont give email for nothing. Its trial and error. Start with one ebook and see the performance in a week.
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    The Thrive website has some fantastic tutorials you should watch them.


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    Yes I should do really. I just wondered if anyone had any input on here. I've asked Thrive support but there answer is usually where not allowed to help customers with marketing.
    I thought this would be the solution I'm looking for but hasn't worked at all for me so far.
    Why would you be asking how to use the leads when you have not bothered to go through the training provided by the company you are paying? Could it be the questions you asked support clearly showed you had not gone through any of the 'how to' training?

    If you buy a book about how to make money online - do you read it or wait for others to tell you what it says? You say you have 12 ebooks to give away - have you read them? (And I'll admit I've purchased books that I have not bothered to read after skimming through them).

    Don't mean to sound rude - but you don't learn through osmosis when working online. I hate to go through training 'tutorials' but if I'm spending my money I need to use the tools to my I do it. If you want to work online successfully - you have to be the best employee and the toughest boss you've ever had. If you wait for someone to take you by the hand and 'show' you what to'll be waiting a long time.
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      Thanks Kay. You make a very good point. I've mostly really just played around with the system and i'm kind of picking everything up. Still not quite mastered how the thrive boxes or ribbons work but yes as you say I should be just go through the training.

      As for my ebooks I will read when I need to. For example if they are a lead magnet I will read enough to reference in my first couple of swipes. I am getting there slowly a couple of my banner ads have been doing well OK sign ups but yes this is a helpful answer I will take your advice.
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  • Add your sign up form inside the middle of your content.

    Pop-ups are also cool but make it easy for visitors to cancel easily if they don't want to Opt-in.

    So that they won't bounce.
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    You should test different stuff, but with a statistically significant number of visitors. So if you only get 10 visits to your site, for example, then you may not get optins.
    Giving things away for free may work, but it's about the message, the problem that you're solving for them. And by the way the information could be anything. An ebook, a video, and article, a book.

    If someone is looking for a solution and you have it and are there at the right time in their buying cycle, then you could get a sale without giving away free stuff.

    There are tons of plugins for sites that will put popups in, delay then show popup, add it to the top of the page. Be right ni front of your face. At the end of the say though, if the headline and message isn't right, then they won't opt in.

    If I were you, I'd put a getresponse optin back in your page like it was before, and check that it works. Then use that as a baseline. And test the other variations against that.

    Start with the headline, work on the message, work on the colours, the font and so on, and have it cohesive with your message on your site, and the problem that you're trying to solve.

    Once you have that working well, test the types of popups. Also if you're doing them as use an ad platform to drive traffic, if you do popups and stuff it may be against their ToS.

    Good luck!

    Martin Platt

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