How Much are Forex Leads Worth?

by UW
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Hello everyone, I have a site that I used to run for about year in the forex niche and I have over 1200 active emails on my list. I haven't touched the site or the email list in over 6 months but when I was sending to the list I was getting 40% open rates and 30% click rates.

I was wondering how much each lead would be worth?
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    Take how much money you have made from your prospects over the last year, and divide that by your list size.

    That is your approximate lifetime customer value with your current approach.

    Why aren't they worth more?

    The forex niche is extremely finicky (sort of like the MMO crowd).

    While you have been sitting on your list for the last 6 months, other marketers
    have been out there selling programs, software and hardware to these same people.

    That probably puts the approximate value of those leads at this moment at close to zero.

    Wouldn't hurt to send a 'freshener' email to that same list asking how many of them are still interested in learning how to trade forex, or interested in forex related 'offers'. Send 3 emails. The last email ONLY send to those that haven't opened either of the first 2.

    You might get something like 5% of your list willing to opt in again. Take that 5% and start again. The rest of the 95%, toss them and just consider it a lost cause and don't waste your time.

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      Originally Posted by AlexCN View Post

      Take that 5% and start again. The rest of the 95%, toss them and just consider it a lost cause and don't waste your time.
      I completely disagree. If you send a forex email and 40% open and 30% click, they are very responsive still regarding forex. They are good leads. Go sell a solo ad or something!

      I have many different lists, old, new, finance, gaming, etc. sometimes I think of something brand new to mail and I send it to an old dead list and it comes back to life like Frankenstein or something and I have that ah HA moment.

      If you mailed and got a 1% open rate and 4% click then I would say your list is beat, at least in terms of forex but that isn't the case.
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      I think also broker that not regulated and have vanueato licence good, and back the fund... because he have interest to get regulation licence
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