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by bkim
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I wanted to know if there were any email marketing lists that had criteria based autoresponders? Say if someone is male or female, if they buy something, etc.

I just want it to have good deliverability. Does aweber or getresponse have these options? The cost isn't the main concern, quality is.
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    Aweber offers the first month for a dollar, and Getresponse is free the first month.

    Why not open two accounts and see if what you want to do can be done there?

    Both offer the ability to move people to new lists if they purchase something. And you could either join people to separate lists based on gender, or segment them out.
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      Ben gave you a good answer. Any decent autoresponder will allow you to move people from one list to another based on their behavior.

      The most common example is moving some off a prospect list when they join a buyer list.

      As for segmenting your lists by criteria, like the male/female example, it's easy.

      One way is to add a custom field to your form (like a radio button for M/F) which will insert the data into your list database. Then you use the AR's filters to segment out the list (such as mailing only the females).

      Another way is to set up separate lists for the different segments. The use the custom form field to set the list id rather than the standard hidden field the form generator uses.
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