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    PayPal and Clickbank

    agmccall in Internet Marketing

    Hello all I just got this in an email today The other big change coming is on Feb 26th, PayPal may not appear on all Clickbank order forms. There are ... [read more]

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    Dealing with people that think selling is evil

    Many moons ago, I have to admit that I had the same distrust of sales/marketing people that a lot of new business owners have..... - That sales people/techniques can make ... [read more]

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    What do you guys think of traffic exchanges to promote a fiverr gig?

    szaby in Internet Marketing

    Hello, What do you guys think of traffic exchanges like traffup via a Twitter account? To promote a logo design gig on Fiverr? Can you do it successfully Thanks

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    How do you figure out what is your best content? (to send via email as introduction campaign)

    lowriderzzz in Email Marketing

    Hi experts in email marketing! I'm working on creating a welcome/introduction email series where in two-three emails, upon signing up for my newsletter I get new subscribers to get to ... [read more]

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    Do freelancers need a "company vision"?

    Opinion 1: Some people say that you (or your business) should have a vision you share with your employees, freelancers and team members. That way, they will feel inspired and ... [read more]

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    GMB Messaging for Desktop is Currently Rolling Out

    A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Google My Business is rolling out Messaging for desktop users. Learn how to opt in and what local businesses need to ... [read more]

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    Pinterest is Closing In On TikTok & Snapchat gaining +37% Monthly Users

    A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Pinterest continues to build up its audience and add features to help marketers connect with Pinners, as monthly active use and ... [read more]

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    Is Twitter Really Offering Verified Badges For San Francisco Homes? An Artist's Satire Nearly Starts

    A new article on Forbes asks if Twitter is really offering verified badges for homes in San Francisco? Forbes says that when a San Francisco neighborhood recently placed boulders on ... [read more]

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    Four PPC Myths You Should Let Go of During 2021 in PPC/SEM

    A new article on Search Engine Journal attempts to dispel four PPC myths and expose their underlying assumptions, saying they cause paid search campaigns to fail and give the channel ... [read more]

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    Disruptive martech trends, and what a CDP fixes in Marketing Land's Friday daily brief

    This is Marketing Land's latest daily brief and it features insights, news, tips, and essential bits of wisdom for today's digital marketer. If you'd like to read this before the ... [read more]

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    Marketing Land on Four Disruptive, Uncomfortable, Yet Inevitable Martech Trends

    A new article on Marketing Land reports an interview with Jep Castelstein, who is a leading independent martech technical architect and has worked on some of the world's most complex ... [read more]

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    LinkedIn Just Launched the 'Return to Growth' Digital Magazine, Outlining Marketing Tips and Notes

    A new article on Social Media Today reports that, with 2021 hopefully set to be a year that sees the economy getting back to normal after the global pandemic, many ... [read more]

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    Would building content around long tail keywords be worth the time in my case?

    altar22 in SEO

    Hi all, I am in a super competitive niche (I make jewelry), and I read that it's no use trying to compete for LTKWs that are just subcategories of bigger ... [read more]

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    Hello Warriors

    Slayer One in Beginners Area

    I'm the new guy. My name as you can see is Slayer One, but I do also use the name STVN (username is taken ) in my art and design ... [read more]

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    I am collecting Emails but How do I find what to send to the emails

    r2r in Email Marketing

    I am collecting emails as part of lead gen, niche is finance/credit cards I dont know what to send to the optin users Where do I find content that is ... [read more]

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    When to listen to a customer? When not to?

    WF- Enzo in Internet Marketing

    Customers are always requesting new features or giving ideas. Or they always complain bla bla bla. How do you know when to listen and when to put something off?

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    TED Talk: How a strong creative industry helps economies thrive

    Watch this TED Talk as filmmaker Mehret Mandefro talks about how the creative sector has the power to grow economies. And yes, the marketing industry is part of this. How ... [read more]

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    YouTube connected TV viewing and advertising stats you need to know

    Social Media Today reports that one of the most noticeable video trends during the past several years has been the adoption of digital channels on our home TV sets. With ... [read more]

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    What makes digital marketing work for SMEs in

    Marketing defines the business world. We still have traditional marketing here and there (cold calls, OOH advertising, to name a few), but digital marketing is now paramount to business success. ... [read more]

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    Single Click Multiple Destinations

    freeabs in Internet Marketing

    Normally if you place a clickable link on your website, you will have a single destination. Is there a plugin where I can link 2 or more destinations from one ... [read more]

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    Copying Youtube Video transcripts

    mikeb222 in SEO

    Can you copy the transcript from you tube vdeos to make unique content? I've seen a lot of software that does this, but it doesn't quite feel right somehow, so ... [read more]

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    Products displaying in SERP instead of category and vice versa

    realefr in SEO

    Hi, I'm running an online business but I can't give a link of the website because it deals with sensitive subjects. Almost everything is OK on my website, product categories ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Marketing-High ticket or not

    Hi warriors, I am working on affiliate marketing for last couple of months. More and more people say it takes the same effort to promote high ticket items compared to ... [read more]

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    TikTok vs Instagram Reels

    A new infographic on Marketing Land pits TikTok against Instagram Reels and ponders whether Instagram Reels will ever become a genuine rival for TikTok. Doing just that would be one ... [read more]

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    An insight on the 22 million business posts on social media

    WF- Enzo in Social Networks

    Here's an infographic from Socialinsider as they share their insights their recently-conducted study in which they analysed more than 22 million business posts on the three major social platforms Instagram, ... [read more]

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    Top 5 reasons why marketing through social media is a must for small business in

    In this digitalized world, many small businesses are already running social media accounts be it Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other networking platforms. Moreover, small businesses have a limited budget ... [read more]

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    What are some good Landing Pages sources to go to?...

    Dr3a in Internet Marketing

    I'm creating my site, setting up the hosting and all and i'm just wondering where could i start to get a good landing page?

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    Where to sell aged domain names?

    angelx in Internet Marketing

    I have 2 domains that I would like to sell. One is 3 years old.(edit) The other is 9 years old. Where can I sell these? Is Flippa the best ... [read more]

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    5 Freelance jobs where you can earn 100,000 or more.

    DWolfe in Internet Marketing

    Interesting post on CNBC today that looks like it is worth sharing. - "This year 1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely and by 2025, that will rise ... [read more]

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    Getting traction with a Questions and Answers niche site

    Apprendix in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I have built a Q&A site around my niche. What´s the best way to start populating it with questions and answers before I start sharing it and promoting it? ... [read more]

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    Lifehost - anyone here using it?

    Lifehost launched last week, I guess many of you saw it as I received many affiliate promotions. It looked like one of those 'too good to be true' offers but ... [read more]

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    Google ads

    krishan1982 in PPC/SEM

    Hello expert I m new to google ads currently I m running my camping to google 5-8 hour good running then disappear my ads I will check no pause no ... [read more]

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    How many Google search console should i have?

    Bruch in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, How many Google search console have you? I have 2 website, do I have 2 Google search console? Thank you in advance!

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    Here are important influencer marketing stats you need to know in Learn

    Influencers have shown their bigger, well, influence last year due to the COVID disruption that forced businesses to shift to digital. And yes, influencers have high potential for growth with ... [read more]

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    Do you disavow

    David C. in SEO

    I'm going through a new clients backlink profile, and they have a decent amount of spam links. I see Moz gives 61% spam score. Also, it's linked to the ... [read more]

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    Why I don't see any backlinks in google search console?

    rgcseo123 in SEO

    I created many backlinks lately, It has been more than 1 month. I have created backlinks through guest posting, directories, social bookmarking, articles on social media, re-submitted articles through other ... [read more]

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    Remove spammy backlinks

    Rigpa in SEO

    I have a site that has been hit by a little more than 20.000 spam links in a hacker attack some months ago. Previous I used but a few ... [read more]

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    Started in 2012 -- Now I'm Rich (Spoiler Alert)

    I haven't logged in here in years. I joined this site in 2012 (maybe before that) looking for clients to run facebook ad traffic for. I've sold WSOs and all ... [read more]

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    Facebook Shuts Down Trading Group

    talfighel in Internet Marketing

    Yup.... I just learned that Facebook shut down a trading group that had like 150,000+ members on it. No group, especially when you violate their terms, is SAFE. There are ... [read more]

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    Best social media/forum mentions tool recommendation...?

    Hi and happy new year (oops quite late for that) What social mention tool could you recommend that has the feature where I could set it so it listens for ... [read more]

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    Online ordering System

    John Marshall in Web Design

    Hi, I need good quality, reliable online ordering system for a shop that sells and delivers physical products. Their site is html. I'd appreciate suggestions for a way to implement ... [read more]

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    Five Unexpected Content Marketing Skills That Are a Must to Build in 2021

    A new article on Search Engine Journal says that self-built marketing skills are becoming even more necessary with the arrival of a new digital age. The author lists five skills ... [read more]

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    Marketing Land: Are best practices useful or lazy?

    A new article on Marketing Land asks whether best practices are useful or just plain lazy. Although adopting best practices seems like the sensible thing to do, you still need ... [read more]

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    Snapchat Started Working on an 'Events' Option Which is Intended to Facilitate IRL Meet-Ups

    A new article on Social Media Today says that given that larger physical meet-ups are expected to return in 2021, this could turn out to be a vital addition for ... [read more]

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    Facebook Advertisers Are Bracing Themselves for iOS 14 Tracking Prompt Fallout

    A new article on Search Engine Journal offers some practical help for advertisers on the popular social media platform who are nervous about the roll-out of iOS 14, which includes ... [read more]

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    Virtual events platform Hopin Has Just acquired Streamyard

    According to Marketing Land, Hopin has acquired Steamyard. The deal with the virtual events platform happened last week, and Hopin reportedly paid $250 million. Startup Hopin was founded and is ... [read more]

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    Twitter Just Reported a 75% Increase in Gaming-Related Tweets During 2020

    Social Media Today reveals the lockdowns most of us lived through during 2020 resulted in a massive surge in popularity for gaming, as people looked for alternative sources of entertainment, ... [read more]

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    Google Has Made Four Changes to its Index Coverage Report

    A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Google is making four changes to the Index Coverage report located within Search Console. Google Search Console's Index Coverage report will ... [read more]

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    Who's gonna "TWITCH" for Business? Any values in the Twitch platform for Make Money Online Niche?

    Twitch is becoming more and more popular every day. Millions of users streaming online, lots of interactions etc... Does it have any worth for online marketing business? Or it's only ... [read more]

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    How much backlink link juice can I pass with internal linking?

    kurosaki4d in SEO

    Hello, I have a blog that has a decent number of backlinks, and I would like to add some new ones. Having said that, I intend to do it differently, ... [read more]

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    Are CPI ads still worth it?

    wirriam in Ad Networks

    Recently I've stopped paying for CPI ads and focused PURELY on CPC ads. I just found that Facebook and IG it's I can never guarantee the CPI ads to follow ... [read more]

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    Rank these FB Ad Testing Dimensions

    cringwall in Internet Marketing

    Creative Copy Audience Country Landing Offer Placements How do you rank these testing dimensions in order of importance? What am I missing?

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    Is this viable or am I being scammed?

    Emekadavid in

    Good day. Recently I applied to an online advertisement for work from home. A company from India replied me that they are giving training on ad posting. What they said ... [read more]

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    Telling Stories

    AdamPayne in Email Marketing

    How many of you tell stories in your emails. I find then fun to write, and they stand out more than most other emails from my experience. Segway into a ... [read more]

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    Your process of writing for specific customers

    Stephen Floyd in Copy Writing

    Lately I've been paying attention to how my marketing copy does or doesn't speak directly to the customer. I was made aware of this principle early on, but I'm starting ... [read more]

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    Understand This If You Want To Make Money

    spartan14 in Internet Marketing

    The things go this way Lets Supose you create content in a specific niche where your purpose its to sell affiliate products or whatever you want to sell 1 Now ... [read more]