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    Top 7 tricks for crafting effective ChatGPT prompts

    DWolfe in AI

    Saw this blog on Name Cheap, I will leave the tips here. However, the full article can be found here. - "1. Set custom instructions for ChatGPT - You ... [read more]

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    Amazon Associates limited

    nksurf in Beginners Area

    Amazon Associates has limited our options to only text links. As per my understanding, we are not allowed to use images from Amazon or any other source unless we have ... [read more]

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    The evolving generative AI landscape in Learn

    Generative AI highlighted this year, with big names joining the fray. Of course ChatGPT is at the forefront, and has quickly become the "Google" of generative AI. This chart shows ... [read more]

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    Share examples of successful domain/website rebranding stories?

    MYDCOM in Internet Marketing

    Facebook rebranding to meta. Twitter rebranding to X. Not sure if these are success stories or not. Have you rebranded a domain/website yourself or know of other rebrands, how did ... [read more]

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    Creative split testing question

    workus blockus in Beginners Area

    I am split testing my creatives but im not sure how much things like color and what words I use actually make in difference in CTR and conversion rate. Do ... [read more]

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    Best quote I've heard in a while...

    Kay King in Personal Development

    I don't watch award shows as a rule but I did record the CMA awards last week as there were a couple of performances that seemed worth watching (and were). ... [read more]

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    When one door closes, another one opens

    We've all heard this phrase quite a few times. Do you agree? Disagree? Chime in.

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    What would socmed in the future look like?

    Do you think technologies like AI, VR, Metaverse, etc would greatly influence the future of socmed? Or would it still exactly be the same? What are your thoughts?

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    Give me an elevator pitch of your product

    I'll start with Warrior Forum. Warrior Forum is the world's largest Internet Marketing Community and Marketplace.

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    Stop building your personal/business brand on X/Twitter

    The platform is dying slowly. And, major advertisers are pulling away from the platform. You are better off on other platforms. Perhaps TikTok is a start. Chime in.

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    I've relied less on ChatGPT in AI

    GPT 3.5 to be more specific. It's just so sanitized, and very repetitive.

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    Decompressing after a long week

    How do you decompress after a long week? I'll start with a nice pint of beer.

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    Threads rolls out post editing

    Meta's Threads post edit feature is now live, so anyone who's on the platform can now edit posts for up to five minutes after publishing. This has been a requested ... [read more]

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    25 years later...

    What would email marketing look like 25 years later? Fully automated? Or will it be gone forever? Chime in.

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    Unconventional marketing?

    What unconventional marketing channel or strategy did you try that actually worked and gave you results? Chime in.

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    4 quick tips to improve your landing page

    Here are 4 of our ways to make your landing page a lot better:Use active voice Always include FAQs Make sure your contact buttons are working Always offer a reinforcement ... [read more]

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    Google will index public Bard conversations in search results in SEO

    If you're a frequent Bard user, you might have to exercise caution as the chatbot could index their conversations in Search. This was reported in X (aka Twitter), with people ... [read more]

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    Integrating ChatGPT and Google Sheets in AI

    If you're in the know, you can integrate ChatGPT and Google Sheets. To get started:Open any Google Sheet file Click Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons Look for "GPT for ... [read more]

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    How would you use AI to improve your workflow/business? in AI

    Are you limited to just one AI thingaboo (e.g. solely ChatGPT, solely Bard, etc.)? Which process have been replaced or streamlined by AI? Chime in.

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    YouTube Shorts or TikTok for marketing?

    YouTube has over 100 million daily active users in the US; TikTok on the other hand has about 50 million. Both have their pros and cons, so if you are ... [read more]

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    Free traffic for affiliate

    ArWM in Beginners Area

    I'm kind of new to the world of affiliate marketing. I would like to know if you guys know free traffic sources, I've been taking a look at Instagram affiliate ... [read more]

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    Amazon International Sales

    How do you handle sales that come from around the world when you moneterise using Amazon Associates? The problem I see is that each Amazon Associate account is held in ... [read more]

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    When do you most often shop online? in eCommerce

    I usually shop at night during dinner, "window shopping" online if you put it that way. What about you? Chime in.

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    What's your secret to become a successful programmer?

    What's your best experience as a programmer so far?

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    Personal Training Domain - What to do with it?

    r3000 in Internet Marketing

    Hi All - Need ideas I have a domain such as (that's not it), that I've had for a while. Any ideas on what I could do with it? ... [read more]

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    Ad-free TikTok?

    The eponymous social platform might soon trial an ad-free subscription for $4.99 a month, and was spotted by Android Authority from new strings in the latest version of TikTok's app. ... [read more]

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    Don't use ChatGPT for legal website content in AI

    Just don't. ChatGPT often produces inaccurate information and it's not worth the risk publishing legal content that might affect your business, or worse land you in hot water.

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    What would now be your biggest challenge on Twitter/X?

    Twitter is no longer the Twitter we used to know. For starters, it's now called X. And it's seen quite a drop users, either jumping ship to Threads, or plainly ... [read more]

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    Here are the most-viewed YouTube videos of all time in Learn

    Did you know that the top-viewed YouTube video has more than 13 billion views? Well, this visual shows YouTube's 20 of the most-viewed videos of all-time. Image source: Visual Capitalist [read more]

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    It's time to rely more on visual content in SEO

    Humans are, by nature, visual creatures. I mean, I'd personally prefer reading books with illustrations and stuff because they stimulate my mind. And for all the talk over the last ... [read more]

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    It's time for web admins to block AI scraping in PPC/SEM

    At this point, AI should already be able to generate its own "thoughts and words" based on what they've learned from human input without relying on scraping data for generative ... [read more]

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    Has your business fully embraced AI? in AI

    Given that practically everyone's joining the AI train, it comes to no surprise that almost every business has at once point used AI. So, has your business fully embraced AI? ... [read more]

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    5 ChatGPT prompts for ramping up your SEO in Learn

    SEO is practically ubiquitous, and almost everyone talks about it. After all, it's the litmus test for online success, determining whether your website is #1 on every search engine, or ... [read more]

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    Is it the right time again for SMS marketing?

    Leading brands like Mrs Fields, Saatva, and mindbodygreen are increasingly relying to SMS marketing to engage customers in personal and relevant ways. What do you think? Is SMS marketing a ... [read more]

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    GA4 has been hit and miss

    Ever since Google sent out a notice that everyone should migrate to GA4 from Universal Analytics, it seems a lot of companies are putting off GA4 until the last minute. ... [read more]

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    Maximising your carousel ads on Meta in Learn

    Carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram are valuable drivers for marketers to, well, drive engagement, and of course convert into ad revenue. Both platforms are known for the side-swiping, narrative ... [read more]

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    Microsoft signs agreement with Snapchat for sponsored links in PPC/SEM

    The IT giant just signed a deal with the eponymous social media platform to serve sponsored links in Snap's My AI. The screenshot above is a demo of how ... [read more]

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    Does guest blogging still work for SEO? in SEO

    Title says so. A lot of marketers guest blog to, well, link their site to some else's blog. However, some marketers employ spammy tactics, or use too many keywords in ... [read more]

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    4 link building tips for newbies

    Link building can be quite brutal, particular for n00bs who are just getting started. Nevertheless, we've got 5 tips for beginners like you. Write valuable, relevant, and shareable content. ... [read more]

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    Threads tries out editing, account switching, and profile deletion

    Meta's answer to X (or Twitter, depending on your preference) is working on post editing. The example below, pulled from Threads' back-end code by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shows the ... [read more]

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    Google Bard will now integrate with Google Apps in AI

    Image source: Search Engine Journal Google just updated Bard, including enhancing the "Google it" search function so users can quickly fact-check Bard's responses. The search engine giant has also ... [read more]

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    Advice on how to promote my new marketing platform.

    I've been creating a new marketing platform for the last several years. The platform provides electronic marketing instruments like: Gift Cards Vouchers Loyalty Programs Promotional Messaging A mobile Wallet App ... [read more]

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    X to potentially charge all users

    WF- Enzo in Social Networks

    I mean, what? A socmed platform that charges users a small fee? is this some kind of a joke?

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    HostGator price increase such a joke!!

    I have been a very long standing customer of HostGator for many years now. And now they have 100% increased the price without any notice and the customer service team ... [read more]

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    Does a B2C website need an external link strategy?

    jianbin guo in SEO

    I've been thinking about an issue recently and would like to hear everyone's opinions and experiences on it. This question involves the necessity of external links for C-side websites in ... [read more]

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    caught in the tech layoffs

    rmarazsky in Beginners Area

    hey, got caught in the techlayoffs of 2023. between being in survival mode and stretching everything out im looking to build something new outside of 9-5 so im looking to ... [read more]

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    5 quick hacks to reignite your PPC strategy in PPC/SEM

    1. Keyword expansion and refinement 2. Ad copy A/B testing 3. Landing page optimisation (this is ubiquitous, but a must) 4. Audience targeting and segmentation 5. Ad schedule and geo-targeting ... [read more]

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    4 quick steps for building a website that's always optimised for page speeds and mobile devices in Learn

    Creating websites can sometimes be a hit-and-miss thing, especially for beginners. You'd want a website that has fast page load speeds, as well as mobile optimisation to make sure ... [read more]

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    What should be the link building strategy for a new site?

    Noah Henry in Beginners Area

    I'm new to SEO, and I have a few questions. I understand that the best backlinks are the ones you earn naturally. However, for a new site that has none ... [read more]

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    WordPress announces 100-year domain registrations

    The CMS platform just announced a 100-year domain registration that comes with managed hosting and 24/7 support for US$ 38,000. It will also come with these features:Domain security for ... [read more]

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    Should AI attempt to do everything?

    WF- Enzo in AI

    What do you think? Should AI try to do everything? Jack of all trades? I mean, it's kinda fun seeing what AI can do with prompts right?

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    How Exactly Should I Market These Blogs?

    I have been working to start several different blogs, but I don't know how to advertise over them, let alone what. One, for instance, is on social commentary from a ... [read more]

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    Should I switch back to my old domain?

    I'm looking for some advice on switching domains for my survey/giveaway website. I purchased a website that gets around 1,500 in traffic and makes a few hundred in Adsense. The ... [read more]

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    Best method to create backlinks from Competitor website.

    tedroger in SEO

    Hello, I analyzed a competitor's website using SEMrush and exported the data in order to create backlinks for my own website. However, after spending 4 hours on this, I didn't ... [read more]

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    Reinventing your content marketing strategy in Learn

    Conventional marketing strategies face unmatched challenges in the dynamic and always shifting digital environment. Content marketing is a field that especially calls for a fresh viewpoint. The time has ... [read more]

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    The Old Newbie - Still Needing Advice

    erange in Internet Marketing

    I've been on/off with affiliate marketing for years (which I've always called - internet marketing). I'm very confident that it works...I can just never get it to work. Find a ... [read more]