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    Website has 98% traffic from India, good ranking, what if target country changed to USA?

    webcontent in SEO

    Is it a right move? Will it affect ranking as traffic is surely going to be less? I already made chane in Webmaster Central. Please advice.

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    Facebook funnels ideas

    CaptainCool in Social Networks

    Hello everyone, Recently i had this idea to utilize social media by creating campaigns in order to collect emails and then use them to drive traffic into sites that facebook ... [read more]

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    Is it possible to add a second set of services to Google My Business?

    mikehende in SEO

    Hey guys, I have 2 websites, one for pc repair which I had setup for GMB years ago. Now that I have to offer web design and SEO since pc ... [read more]

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    Help me outline this talk about AI

    mciaffone in Beginners Area

    Hello, This year I obtained my diploma in Digital Marketing, during the classes I noticed that several of my colleagues had some difficulties with technical concepts related to computer science, ... [read more]

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    New to SEO (Need Assistance)

    AimInfosys in Beginners Area

    Hello Folks, Good Morning. We have a couple of nopcommerce (ecommerce) sites for which we need to improve keyword ranking. For this we have done the following items till date ... [read more]

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    Website from scratch with syndicated content

    Yourname in Beginners Area

    Hey guys, I've seen here in the past where someone buys a domain, throws on a theme and it's suddenly got tons of content (news, "opinion" pieces, etc). Some of ... [read more]

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    Google Adding Key Moments for Videos Appearing in Search in Learn

    Search Engine Land reports that Google have been testing out a new feature in search which highlights key moments in video timelines. Google just went live with the "in this ... [read more]

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    Messenger Bots, Email and SMS

    ManyChat just announced some exciting news this past weekend at Conversations Conference 2019 that they will be integrating Email + SMS Marketing all into one platform! SMS + Email Marketing ... [read more]

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    What Is The Future Of Forums in Internet Marketing?

    Medon in Internet Marketing

    Pals, I am sitting here and thinking that forums are hammering the final nail in their coffins. A few years ago, they used to be a good marketing tool. But ... [read more]

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    Why google is not indexing my post?

    Anoopchawla in SEO

    Hi guys, a few weeks back I published a unique blog post (2200 words) on my blog. But I noticed google keeps indexing thin pages on my blog like contact ... [read more]

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    How should a normal Affiliate Market website be structured?

    Alright let's say I'm selling supplements of all different kinds. It isn't just a website where I'm selling one product, so that if someone comes to my website I only ... [read more]

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    Which copy do you prefer? A or B?

    Ben Perryman in Copy Writing

    This is to go in a mailer/newsletter: Option A: Why not make the most of an exclusive chalet, just for your family and friends? You can now savour a special ... [read more]

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    Need Help With Backend Setup

    Hi All! I'm looking to get more automated and a bit more organized in general. Whenever I close an account I send the client a questionnaire for the appropriate service. ... [read more]

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    Which Social Media site brings in the best traffic?

    Which social media site have you used to drive traffic to your website/affiliate offers? In your opinion , which of these brings in the highest quality of traffic: Facebook, Instagram, ... [read more]

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    How will automation impact marketing jobs?

    WF Will in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors - curious to hear your thoughts on this topic, as it has been a pretty popular discussion in the media this past year because of the presidential debates. ... [read more]

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    If you had a system detecting all expired domains in realtime, how would you use it?

    emilsb in SEO

    Say if you'd design a system that detects expired/dropped domains in realtime, the minute they're dropped, how would you use it? Including those more exotic ccTLD's, where expiry information is ... [read more]

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    low CPM Email list

    antero in Email Marketing

    is it worth is to collect email list from low cpm list like inida, Pakistan etc ?

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    Which Is The Most Successful IM Strategy?

    Medon in Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing has become key in determining whether a business moves to the next level or stagnates. Content, Search engine optimization, web analytics, and social media are some of the ... [read more]

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    The #1 Secret of Online Millionaires

    If there was one job, one profession that could set you financially free, I believe affiliate marketing would have to be it. It doesn't discriminate against age, race or gender. ... [read more]

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    I need to add a Attribute to a variable product in woocommerce

    Tptoddler in eCommerce

    Hi I'm looking to add a attribute to a variable in a product in woocommerce For example: Product is a T-shirt which I have variable sizes. I need to add ... [read more]

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    How LinkedIn algorithm works?

    I am exploring the potential of LinkedIn. But I observed that I was getting very fewer views for some of my posts and more views for some of my other ... [read more]

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    Status of Traffic Redirection from Social Media

    David Willy in SEO

    Hi Warriors !! I confess i am an SEO Noob, so i have a question to ask. How google treats traffic that is generated from social media to a domain1 ... [read more]

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    Facebook Adds

    sami78 in Social Networks

    I everybody I´m about starting to make my firsts adds in Facebook! Like i have a generic store (selling distinct category of products), how facebook adds works better? -one ... [read more]

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    Facebook is considering removing likes

    WF Will in Social Networks

    According to Social Media Today, Facebook is now considering on removing Facebook Likes after testing this with Instagram. Do you think this is a good idea? And how can marketer's ... [read more]

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    Facebook is Hiring Journalists for Its Coming Dedicated News Section in Learn

    Facebook's future dedicated news tab might seem a little like a trip into the past for the social network, with the new details revealed sounding eerily similar to the Trending ... [read more]

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    Are subscription box businesses dying?

    WF Will in eCommerce

    It seems like in the last few years, a lot of subscription box businesses seemed to have died off with the exception of industry leaders like Dollar Shave Club, LootCrate, ... [read more]

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    Would really appreciate some advice regarding this one

    Aji in Social Networks

    Im thinking about running a facebook giveaway to grow my youtube channel. And any kind of advice regarding this would be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!

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    How to Prioritize for Productivity

    WF Will in Warrior Path

    Hey Warriors! Chris Do from The Futur recently posted up his process of how he gets work done and thought this would be an interesting approach on how you can ... [read more]

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    Filter products that nave no atributes

    Richard Lilley in eCommerce

    Hi does anyone know if you can filter products that don't have atributes - seems s silly question but ...?? when i say atributes they done have global atributes just ... [read more]

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    Facebook gave me candy and then disappointment

    :D in Beginners Area

    I have started selling goods on an eCommerce. Then created a professional ad on facebook. I have never done it before, just studied from articles and video tutorials. Fact is ... [read more]

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    Ideas to Get Buyers Lists

    On the 4th post down in this thread, Ewen mentions that he has a list of people about to buy mattresses. Are there services that offer lists like this ... [read more]

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    TVAdPlanner - a new service by Comcast

    David B. in Offline Marketing is a beta service by Comcast for Small Businesses, has anyone tried it?

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    Dean Graziosi and Stuart Ross type of courses

    gedt in Internet Marketing

    Hello all, Why it seems I started to receive more and more affiliate marketing course ads via YouTube in recent times. Why successful affiliate marketers I mentioned in my subject ... [read more]

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    Cold Calling Tips

    I know there are other threads on cold calling, but they're huge so I started a new one. Everybody hates cold calling so I want to get better at it. ... [read more]

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    Nearly 20% drop in visitors to our website - the catch: we're improving our tactics

    retirement plans in SEO

    What do you guys think about this? Recently my team ran a report in analytics to see how our organic traffic has fluctuated over the last year. What we discovered ... [read more]

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    [Need Help] How to market myself as a web designer?

    Hello warriors, I am a web designer of 17 years who wants to establish a freelance business but doesn't know how to market himself. I thought of finding someone like ... [read more]

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    Changing culture

    The other day, I was listening a debate on China between Fareed Zakaria and an economist whose name I forgot while cleaning my place. At some point an economist on ... [read more]

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    Redirect chains...

    Guys...What is the safest, fastest and easiest way to fix redirect chains? Is there like a plugin that can automatically fix this or do i have to go over every ... [read more]

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    Buying email lists

    NewParadigm in Email Marketing

    What is the definitive answer on buying an email list? I have seen that it is illegal according to canspam to either buy or at least to email a bought ... [read more]

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    Need tips on how to market a physical Digital Marketing course please! Help?

    Hey guys, I am in the process of marketing these classes through facebook ads and other platforms, but do you have any techniques or tips I can use to market ... [read more]

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    Is it worth it to use paid advertising for just 1 single product that costs $59?

    Bkelly301 in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I've never used paid advertising before. I do have a product that sells fairly well though. I have found that the best price point for my product is around ... [read more]

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    Out of Stock Problem on eBay dropshipping

    David Willy in eCommerce

    I've been dropshipping for about 4 years now, most of the time with very few problems. But lately I've been getting a lot of out of stock items from my ... [read more]

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    How To Reduce Blogger Image Header

    kertoon in Web Design

    I am using the Simple Theme and load a bigger dimension image for the header. Now I want to reduce it smaller with CSS. Using the Inspect Element, I tried ... [read more]

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    [Need Help] Domain Name Purchase

    Domain I've wanted for over a decade recently became available but at a ridiculous price, higher than what I estimate the entire niche is worth online for the next 10 ... [read more]

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    Best Niche in Affiliate Marketing

    Hey there: What is the best niche in Affiliate Marketing to start with? How is the potential in this business? How much can we earn every day/week/month? A realistic idea. ... [read more]

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    Need help- Questions about youtube channel management

    I am starting a website and youtube channel which provides free education. The topics range widely: various software, life skills, yoga, workouts, recipes etc I need help finding answers to ... [read more]

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    Change Website Change SEO Ranking?

    upmatthews in SEO

    I have a site on WIX and want to change it to a Wordpress site away from Wix. If I do, will my SEO rankings be adversely affected? If so, ... [read more]

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    Is google AMP good for ranking in 2019

    I have a small lifestyle blog hosted ina vps environment. The website speed is quite good, loading below 2sec. Now, what wondering me is google AMP. Is it necessary to ... [read more]

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    Do you know any "url shortener script" that redirect based on country?

    Hi, I need one of this script but i found that they dont have the option of geo redirect. Do you know any alternative? Open source or cheap. Many thanks!

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    Lumpy mail on wierd holidays?

    Delta223 in Offline Marketing

    As a freelance web developer I have a small list of clients, a few who I have mailing addresses for (I've started asking for that on my contract even though ... [read more]

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    How should Market Size be established?

    Darmer in Internet Marketing

    I am in the early stages, of a new venture, and would welcome guidance on how to go about establishing a Market Size. For the purposes of this question, let's ... [read more]

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    Is Facebook killing Messenger Chatbot Marketing?

    WF Will in Social Networks

    Hey Warriors! In Facebook's most recent change log updates, they announced that apps and marketers have until January 15th, 2020 to migrate to the new policy: 24+1 is becoming just ... [read more]

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    Can a Site with Just YouTube Videos/Podcast rank high in Google?

    deebee23 in SEO

    Meaning, just write a short snippet about what the video is about and embed just the YouTube video or podcast that's it.

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    How do you prove your product is viable?

    perryny in Copy Writing

    You create a new product. You have no list. How do you validate your product has a market and can sell? Sorry for the marketing 101 question, but apparently after ... [read more]

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    Adsense: Auto Ads vs. Manual Ad Placement

    Carter M in Ad Networks

    Hello, I'm curious, for those of you who are currently monetizing your sites with Adsense, do you utilize the Auto ad feature? How has your experience been using auto ads? ... [read more]

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    Thrillist IGTV Case Study

    WF Will in Social Networks

    Hey Warriors! If you're interested in getting into video & content creation on social media, you should definitely check out this case study by Instagram. They recently released an infographic ... [read more]