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    After the age of 30!

    As I've gotten older, I've made more and more major choices. After getting married and having kids, the decisions just kept coming. And while I see some of my friends ... [read more]

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    Is the Age of Copywriters Over?

    elmo033057 in Copy Writing

    Looks like Goldman Sachs is investing $30 Million into software that's already churning out copy that's better than human copywriters can. Weve run 4,000 campaigns and our average uplift on ... [read more]

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    Are you 55+ in age?

    Do you still read the physical, local newspapers wanted sections? Or any penny savers type of papers? On the flip side, if you don't, do you use an online alternative? ... [read more]

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    Does age of domain have any impact on SEO?

    Nikhil Bansal in SEO

    I am running my website for almost 4 years and there is not any improvement in organic traffic. Does age of domain have any impact on SEO? If so then ... [read more]

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    Art in the age of Instagram

    WF- Enzo in Social Networks

    Watch this TED Talk as Jia Jia Fei, Director of Digital at the Jewish Museum, shares her fascinating insights from her years at the forefront of the digital media revolution ... [read more]

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    Does age of domain matter in ranking?

    wasimnaqvi in Beginners Area

    Hey everyone, I want to know if age of domain matters in ranking website or not? Like if a domain is 2 years old with same content as a domain ... [read more]

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    Instagram will now ask for your age when creating an account

    WarriorForum.com in Learn

    In a press release, Instagram announce that they will now require age verification for new users. According to their Terms of Use, anyone signing up must be at least 13 ... [read more]

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    Age of a website increases its value? What if it is an old domain, but has only recent webcontent?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    The value of a domain (no content) increases as the domain gets older by years. ie, a domain to be sold, which was registered in 2003 (14 years old), would ... [read more]

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    Get rid of age Verify on WP site

    agmccall in Web Design

    Hello I am just starting a new WP site and have pointed my domain at the site. When I type my new domain in a browser I get an age ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ads reporting: is ts possible to analyse the clients data besides age and gender?

    carlos helder in PPC/SEM

    Hi! I'm Carlos. We have a social Startup that sells an educational toy We have the Facebook pixel installed, so we can know how many customers have bought our product ... [read more]

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    How to get votes for an award age of business website?

    mahol in Social Networks

    Hey guys, I am working as a digital marketing manager at an agency. Our client is nominated for a global award in its business category. The winner should have maximum ... [read more]

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    Be happier, healthier and smarter. This should be the foundation of your day.

    Brad Gosse in

    Meditation You Tube Large Dear Warrior My name is Brad Gosse and I meditate. One day each week I used to have a yoga instructor (Natasha) at the office to ... [read more]

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    How To Get A Girlfriend At Any Age!

    maximus242 in

    "How To Get A Girlfriend At Any Age!" "Skeptical? You Can Check Out Everything FREE If You Choose!" From: Veramore Thursday, 1:11 PM Dear Friend, What if you could get ... [read more]