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    Announcement: Escrow.com releases API into public beta

    Hi Warriors, I'm the General Manager of Escrow.com - the world's safest online transaction service with zero chargebacks, ever. As many of you have encountered, most online payment methods leave ... [read more]

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    How to get free beta users for software

    I got a software under development and plan to give free beta access. Thing is, what is the best way to get support going for bugs or just any issues ... [read more]

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    iOS 11 beta released: Features and release date

    WebpixelTech in Off Topic

    Hello guys! Can we discuss about latest mobile OS from Apple? I have enlisted all features and release date! Just want to take reviews from you! Let's have some discussion! ... [read more]

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    Looking for Beta Testers for new offline tool

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some beta testers for a new offline lead generation tool that will be released soon. The software is different then what is currently on the ... [read more]

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    Beta Testers Needed For New Google Places Ranking Software

    k60mall in Offline Marketing

    Hi Guys I will be launching some new software that will take away 90% of the tedious work it takes to get your clients web site ranking in Google places. ... [read more]

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    Google Places Rank Tracker Software - beta testers welcome

    aarondwyer in Offline Marketing

    Hi all Got sick of waiting for a tool to track my clients Google Places listings so built one for myself. This is BETA software, so keep that in mind ... [read more]

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    12 Powerful Reasons Article Marketing Does Not Suck!

    In another post from yesterday another marketer started a big controversial thread about why Article Marketing sucks and all new marketers should steer clear of it. This came a quite ... [read more]

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    Need 20 beta testers for my backlink software. New linkwheel concept

    Mods can you please move this thread to off topic forum or something. Because i want all beta testers to give , discuss their reviews here. It will be easy ... [read more]

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    Product creators: do you beta test?

    Hi everyone. If you create information products -- I have a couple of quick questions. Do you beta test your (courses, membership program, training series) before you release them? How ... [read more]

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    Beta Testing - Get Notified When A "Specific" User Posts A New WSO...

    admin in Internet Marketing

    Mike has done something and needs a few beta testers to make sure it works out alright... WarriorPlus I like this idea. Imagine getting 1000 people "wanting" to be notified ... [read more]

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    Calling all Beta testers looking to Build Links

    Matt Callen in SEO

    I'm just finishing up on a new link building network plugin that works with Wordpress sites. It's a pretty cool concept if I do say so myself... But before I ... [read more]

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    Beta Testers Needed 4 All Inclusive Online Marketing Series For Local Biz Owners In Video Format

    As I've mentioned to many of you, we are launching our all inclusive online marketing platform in video format soon at ImpromptuBiz.com. We will do a very soft beta launch ... [read more]

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    New Social Bookmarking Community Service - BETA testers needed!

    khtm in Joint Ventures

    [Edit - Sep 5, 2009] It's now open to the public! Feel free to sign up and test it out SocialAdr I'm developing a new Social Bookmarking Community Service and ... [read more]

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    Wanted - Some feedback on a new software

    Its in beta right now, but pretty close to completion. The software will give you 200 plus hot keywords, and will allow you to automatically check if they are profitable, ... [read more]

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    Write articles? Looking for some beta testers.

    AdInventive in Copy Writing

    Hopefully it's alright to post this here. If not, feel free to move it to another section or otherwise let me know. I have been arduously working on developing my ... [read more]

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    20 Beta Testers Needed In Exchange For Testimonials

    Adam Carn in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors I need 20 beta testers for my new product Syte Black. I need... 10 total newbies to making money online. 5 Experienced Internet Marketers 5 Expert (guru) Internet ... [read more]

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    Best places to find Beta testers

    aspire7 in Internet Marketing

    Im currently in development of a website which helps startups launch their business, are there any places people can recommend beta testers? Obviously friends and family are good, small jobs ... [read more]

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    [10 Beta Testers Needed] Online Biz & Product Creation Program

    Bayo in Product Reviews

    Sidebar: This location has been approved by a moderator as being the correct location for this post CLOSED Seeking 10 Beta Testers [Start] UPDATE: As of Easter Sunday, April 24, ... [read more]

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    [Beta Testers] Callen's New Clickbank Analytics software for Affiliates

    Matt Callen in Product Reviews

    We're getting ready to release a brand new Clickbank analytics software for Affiliate Marketers (called CBSurge), and we need beta testers to put it through the ringer before we make ... [read more]

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    I will build your Internet Marketing list (beta test)..

    Troy McDonald in Joint Ventures

    Hey Everyone, I am now accepting more beta testers. If you have an Internet Marketing site, I am willing to build your Internet Marketing list. Why am I willing to ... [read more]

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    Beta testers needed for automated software

    Karomesis in Internet Marketing

    Hey Fellow Warriors, I'm involved with a new program and we'll be looking for beta testers within the next week or so. The platform is a monthly service that essentially ... [read more]

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    Joined the Send Reach beta. Need optin box templates.

    Well, I squeaked into the List Animal beta program on the last day. I'm really excited about it. Anyone else? Anyway, I'm kinda missing the feature from Get Response that ... [read more]

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    Does "BETA" discourage user from using my website?

    ankurnigam in CRO

    I created a web-app for creating and conducting online survey just like SurveyMonkey. Its in beta... I am getting some traffic (approx 300-400 users/week - 90% new users - as ... [read more]