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    [Case Study] How A Real Estate Agent Generated 500 Leads with Messenger Bots for under $1300

    Messenger marketing and conversational marketing is a growing trend that's becoming easier (and cheaper) to implement for businesses of all kind. New softwares that piggy back on platforms like Facebook ... [read more]

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    Blocking bots with htaccss and robots.txt files

    Shaun J in SEO

    Hi Does anyone know why you should use both the htaccess file and robots.txt to block certain bots from accessing your site instead of just using the robots.txt? I thought ... [read more]

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    Social Media BOTs

    Anyone know of a good Social Media Bot? Specifically for Instagram. I have a few clients that I need to add followers and likes to their Instagram accounts. I know ... [read more]

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    If I want to block third party bots to crawl my website, what I have to do?

    jenudsouza in SEO

    I want to block all third party bots and free seo tool site to crawl my website. It is not possible to block all the bots in Robots.txt and .htaccess. ... [read more]

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    Bots for promotion

    Do you think that using bots is a good idea when you promote?

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    How to Spend Over $1000 a Day On Native Ads & TRAP BOTS Before You Go Broke.

    In this post I want to share a method I recently started implementing on all of my native ad campaigns in 2018. I run a lot of native ads to ... [read more]

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    prevent bots when buying solo ads??

    Are there any tools or best techniques out there to help you prevent bot or fake traffic when you are buying solo ads? thanks for any help

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    Show me a site with blocked Ahrefs bots

    Murkr in SEO

    I'm not sure if one of my competitors are blocking Ahrefs and other SEO bots. What does it look like in ahrefs when they are blocking Ahrefs bots? Anyone know ... [read more]

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    Do Traffic Exchanges Send Bots To Your Website?

    I just sent a whole bunch of traffic to my website through a popular traffic exchange site and not a single one of those people clicked on my download button ... [read more]

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    Question about traffic bots...

    Supermoves in SEO

    This is sort of a crossover question from SEO, so I apologize if that's where this should be. About 2 years ago, I used a Chinese bot software called JingLing ... [read more]

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    Do Instagram paid shoutouts use bots?

    I started a new online store and am using Instagram as my main social media channel. I've been trying to grow my account as organically as possible and it's going ... [read more]

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    Does a 'noindex' tag remove the page from google or just stop google bots from accessing it?

    Ethan Mather in SEO

    I'm trying to enhance our SEO through the robot.txt file. I've just been doing some reading on it but there's one thing I want to make sure I understand before ... [read more]

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    When it Comes to Bots (ManyChat) What do you Use it For?

    So I just started this Manychat fever on my Fan Pages a few months ago. I am really liking it because it helps me send messages in broadcast and aumatize ... [read more]

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    15 Best Shopping Bots for eCommerce Stores

    timokeefe from yotpo

    As more consumers discover and purchase on social, chatbots are becoming a crucial part of conversational commerce. Bots allow brands to connect with customers at any time, on any device, ... [read more]

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    Microsoft is bringing bots to Bing search results

    timokeefe from venturebeat

    It appears bots will soon be integrated into Bing search results, and this news will likely be announced next week at Build, an annual Microsoft developer conference taking place this ... [read more]

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    Facebook purges bots, see some winners and losers

    pauloadaoag from cbsnews

    Link to original facebook announcement. So now that the purge is done, it looks like USA Today got hit really hard losing a staggering 40 percent of its followers. Facebook ... [read more]

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    [WILL BUILD] your Desktop Software, Bots, Scrapers & Management tools Great Prices.

    lowridertj in

    I'm here to offer you a excellent service I am providing PC Software and Bot Creation.. A little about me.. I have been a Web Developer for the last 15 ... [read more]

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    TrafficMasters - Real traffic or Bots?

    andrewcgalaxy in Ad Networks

    OK, can someone please give me the scoop on traffic masters. I want to know if they deliver real traffic or if it it's just bots. is it garbage traffic ... [read more]

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    Have you had any experience with Facebook Messenger Bots?

    Steve L in Social Networks

    I'm working on these for a client and I'm wondering what your experience has been with them. Did they result in higher conversions and sales with your Facebook ads? Thanks!