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    IKEA and brand empathy

    Here's a video from IKEA, shot by their employees and which captures special moments at homes, a perfect example of brand empathy showing solidarity and connection to their customers, but ... [read more]

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    Infographic - the ABCDEs of brand content, according to TikTok

    WF- Enzo in Learn

    TikTok, despite its controversies about handling user data, has seen a massive surge in usage especially during the pandemic as people are quarantined and looked to pass the time away. ... [read more]

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    How do I find out whether I positioned myself too broadly with my brand?

    Chris8080 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I've decided to invest time into my personal brand around software (integration) consulting for small businesses. So far, I've defined 4 different personas that I'd like to serve with ... [read more]

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    Brand new here, and looking for beginner's advice.

    Clarence A in Beginners Area

    I am ready for a career change. I currently make my living selling building materials wholesale. It isn't as glamorous as it sounds. I am interested in learning digital marketing. ... [read more]

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    Twitter shows examples of good brand communication amidst the pandemic

    WF- Enzo in Social Networks

    In the middle of a global pandemic, it's imperative that brands demonstrate good communication to avoid confusion and misinformation. And Twitter compiled a listing of brands which showed effective, positive, ... [read more]

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    Personal brand domain name choice

    Hi I am working in an area of business where my personal name is by brand. My surname is quite unique and this presents me with a choice when hosing ... [read more]

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    Developing your Personal Brand on Social Media

    WarriorForum.com in Learn

    Developing your personal brand on social media It's like a broken record, but we all know that social media is a very important tool for marketers and professionals to ... [read more]

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    Structure by Categories Pages, but the same name Categories for each Brand or Country is good?

    I wonder if structure my topic about travel into categories and sub-categories like: - Country 1 -> Sub-category: Place, Food, Air Plane ... - Country 2 -> Sub-category: Place, Food, ... [read more]

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    Brand new to SEO? Start here...

    Kurt in Beginners Area

    I started SEO before Google even existed and this is my advice to SEO newbies. SEO isn't limited to Google. SEO is also a powerful strategy for many other platforms ... [read more]

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    The 12 brand archetypes

    WF- Enzo in Internet Marketing

    I came across an infographic talking about the 12 brand archetypes: Chime in below.

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    brand collaborations

    want2know2 in Beginners Area

    hi there, I am working on a project for a brand collaboration but don't understand how to go about making a proposal, so to explain how the my brand and ... [read more]

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    Instagram Brand Kickstart - What's the best way ?

    Hi guys, I have recently launched an ecommerce store It consists of 6 different products which are all customizable leather accessories. I have sourced the products, created an ecommerce store. ... [read more]

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    Instagram Influencers vs FB/IG Ads for women's fashion eCommerce brand?

    HOTSAWCE in Social Networks

    Hi all. My question is, what should be the focus of the marketing strategy for my women's fashion ecommerce brand: Instagram influencers or fb/IG ads? My gut tells me to ... [read more]

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    Have you been in a brand ambassador programme?

    WF- Enzo in Offline Marketing

    I've actually participated in a brand ambassadorship programme way back in college. In a gist, that brand is well-known, although I didn't get any monetary benefit from joining. While I ... [read more]

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    Question about building a e-commerce brand with dropshipping

    Newtothis1223 in eCommerce

    Hey I'm new to this ecomm game and just discovered all you guys in the ecomm space. You guys inspire and motivate me. You mention dropshipping a lot in your ... [read more]

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    Brand New Items Not Selling On Ebay

    DURABLEOILCOM in eCommerce

    I have brand new PC Gaming Mice, Keyboards, Mouse Pads, Headsets that are not selling at all what steps can I take to start selling them? Any help is greatly ... [read more]

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    Traffic for a supplement brand

    bgzaidi in Internet Marketing

    Im looking to buy traffic for Probiotics, Omega and Vitamins. Do you guys recommend a good source? Thanks,

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    Dropshipping products featuring your brand logo

    flyinjam in eCommerce

    Hi! Newbie here so be gentle! I'm looking into dropshipping a product featuring my brand logo. What I mean by this is, I want to dropship a product, but I ... [read more]

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    Help/Direction with New Brand

    Jcagex3 in eCommerce

    Hello everyone, recently finished my 1.0 store (Shopify)- trying to develop a real brand. This is not dropshipping, in fact I already spent $$$ sourcing my product packaging via AliBaba. ... [read more]

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    What are the most important steps when building a brand audience from scratch?

    chrisismyname in Growth Hacking

    As my team and I are pushing sales for our startup ratesight.com, we are working on building an audience as well. We don't have much of a marketing budget, so ... [read more]

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    Brand building favorites

    Ron Jaradat in Beginners Area

    What are some of your favorite brand-building content marketing strategies? SEO : long-term organic traffic can help consumers associate your brand with common queries within your niche. Effective for long ... [read more]

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    Which brand name should I choose?

    I want to create a website for saving money. We are a family who has lots of tips, I know what brand name I want, but help me choose the ... [read more]

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    Build my own brand and sell my products online?

    Hafu in eCommerce

    Hello, I would like to try to build my own brand and sell my products online. I just ended a little dropshipping journey and I would like to start my ... [read more]

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    Define your business or personal brand in 12 minutes or less

    NathanZad in Internet Marketing

    Do you have a brand? Do you need one? WTF is a 'brand' anyway? Ah yes, 'branding'. That odd concept that pesters marketers and entrepreneurs the world over. Every year, ... [read more]

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    Get Brad Callen's Niche Finder Software at 50% Off! (7,688 Warriors Use It!)

    Brad Callen in

    50% OFF! To get a copy of Niche Finder, click the add to cart button below. Enjoy! "See What Other Fellow Warriors Are Saying About Niche Finder Below..." Originally ... [read more]