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    How do you figure out what is your best content? (to send via email as introduction campaign)

    Hi experts in email marketing! I'm working on creating a welcome/introduction email series where in two-three emails, upon signing up for my newsletter I get new subscribers to get to ... [read more]

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    Four Steps to Help You Create a Winning Paid Social Campaign - Infographic

    A new article on Social Media Today says that for brands and advertisers of all types, reaching out to potential customers via paid social media campaigns should be a top ... [read more]

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    Similar audiences in 2 different Facebook ad campaign

    shubhamdadhe21 in Ad Networks

    Hi everyone, I have a doubt in creating a Facebook ad campaign with the same audience under 2 different ad objective. I am creating a messenger ad campaign with the ... [read more]

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    Creating a compelling content for your email marketing campaign

    WF- Enzo in Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a time-tested marketing strategy ever since the inception of emails. And Campaigner shares an infographic on how to create compelling content for email campaigns.

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    Digital Marketing Campaign help

    Emma234 in Internet Marketing

    Hi I have previously worked as a Marketing Exec in a broad marketing role and am looking to move into a digital marketing role - I need to prepare a ... [read more]

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    Twitter to Make Frequency Capping Available for All Ad Campaign Types

    A new article on Social Media Today explains that Twitter has added a new control feature for marketers. The article is all about frequency capping, how to use it, and ... [read more]

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    YouTube ads Campaign - watchtime is just 12%

    wizard12 in Social Networks

    Hello folks... I hope everybody is doing very well... Last week I started my first completely WH YouTube channel... It is related to ASMR, and all videos are created by ... [read more]

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    Facebook Launched the Next Stage of its Campaign Against Apple's Data Tracking Changes

    A new article on Social Media Today reports that it's unclear if Facebook's latest plan to tackle Apple's upcoming IDFA changes will work the way it's seemingly intended. Facebook launched ... [read more]

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    Facebook Advertising Campaign for beginners

    WarriorForum.com in Learn

    Here's an infographic from WebFX showing how to get started with a Facebook Ad campaign for your business. This is particularly useful for beginners who are just starting with their ... [read more]

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    Campaign Targeting Tourists in the City

    Hi, I will be launching an e-shop tomorrow that sells tickets to a local tourist attraction. I understand that now is not the best time, as tourism numbers are close ... [read more]

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    Marketing Week Says 'Abusers always work from home' has won campaign of the year

    According to Marketing Week, the National Centre for Domestic Violence campaign fought off stiff competition and took home the coveted prize. Abusers always work from home The voting spanned a ... [read more]

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    How Long Should an email marketing Campaign message be?

    Henry Nine in Email Marketing

    Hey Warriors, I need Some advice on something here. I am talking about "email Swipes" Exactly how long in terms of words should email marketing messages be? How long is ... [read more]

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    Snapchat Trolls Instagram in New "Real Friends" Campaign

    WF Will in Social Networks

    Snapchat Trolls Instagram in New "Real Friends" Campaign Snapchat has launched its first global media campaign, poking fun at follower-hunting and taking a firm anti-Facebook stance. The strongly branded messages ... [read more]

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    How to increse quality score of keywords in google ad campaign

    seigell971 in Beginners Area

    Hello guys, I want to increse quality score of my adword campaign to 9 and 10. My quality score becomes stable at 5 and 6 for long time. How can ... [read more]

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    The do's and don'ts in every successful email marketing campaign

    WarriorForum.com in Learn

    Email marketing is an old but effective way of reaching out to new and existing customers. While not everyone likes to read emails (commercial or personal), nevertheless here's an infographic ... [read more]

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    Budgeting for a Digital Marketing campaign to achieve sales

    We are planning to run a digital campaign to improve the sales of our products from the website. For every 1000 visitors, only 20 people make a purchase through the ... [read more]

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    How to run a successful PR campaign

    Digital Agency Network reminds us that although coming up with a successful PR strategy is no mean feat, there are things we can all do - whether working for or ... [read more]

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    McDonald's Influencer Marketing Campaign

    WF Will in Social Networks

    Hey Warriors! Linqia recently released a case study on one of the Influencer Marketing Campaigns that they partnered up with McDonalds on and thought this would be an interesting read ... [read more]

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    Sweepstake campaign on facebook

    Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone is running sweepstake campaigns on facebook and what ahs your experience with them been?

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    My Bing Ads Campaign Result...Not Good?

    TheSupremeGuy in Beginners Area

    Hey, so I just paused my campaign right after 1 hour of being approved by Bing. Now, I know it is very very early to decide but just want to ... [read more]

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    Google Conversion Data Messed Up My Smart Campaign! Help

    bbjumpman in PPC/SEM

    So I have a site over a few weeks was improving sale conversions via a smart shopping campaign. I have conversion tags set up for page views through cart to ... [read more]

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    Affiliate network pays $1-$2 for worldwide email submit campaign

    I've been trying the USA demographics for CPA campaign in a while and have not been successful. The offers i have seen pays $2 for email submits. Please, experts in ... [read more]

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    Ways Out for my new Campaign

    akennie71 in Beginners Area

    Good Morning EveryOne , I am Glad to Join This Forum Of Esteemed Minds and Hope I Can Learn So much here . I Want to promote Two OnLine Programs ... [read more]

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    What makes up a good email in an email campaign

    black77 in Email Marketing

    What makes up a good email in an email campaign About to run a B2B email campaign. Financial services. We want to introduce our brand identity and philosophy. Build upon ... [read more]

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    Reactivation Campaign Question

    This is more of a philosophical question than anything. I see time and again people telling us that Small Business owners are not as stupid as online marketers make them ... [read more]