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    Infographic - the ABCDEs of brand content, according to TikTok

    WF- Enzo in Learn

    TikTok, despite its controversies about handling user data, has seen a massive surge in usage especially during the pandemic as people are quarantined and looked to pass the time away. ... [read more]

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    Multinational and multilingual content

    marine easyship in SEO

    I would like to get some guidance on international SEO. For now this is how my website looks like: website.com website.com/fr website.com/it I would like to make it region plus ... [read more]

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    Quality Content that people want to link to naturally - How?

    Frank Spencer in SEO

    Hi, I read in one of the threads that some helpful guy mentioned something along the lines of: "One of the best things you can do is create QUALITY content ... [read more]

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    Facebook shares tips for an effective content calendar

    WF- Enzo in Social Networks

    Facebook recently published new tips on creating an effective socmed content calendar. And the three basic elements in an effective content calendar are: When to post What to post Where ... [read more]

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    How to integrate content onto a new domain from an old site

    Hi guys, I could use some advice on what to do with an old site when re-branding. We have a current application that's fairly well established, but we're adding new ... [read more]

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    Site content does not match meta tags

    Forseti in Beginners Area

    Hello. Several times I came across sites where one is written in the description, but when switching not to a site, you are redirected to a casino. How it's done? ... [read more]

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    Hot Content Niches Right Now

    I'm a freelance writer and have been feeling the crunch lately. What types of content are in high demand right now? I'm looking to sell PLR/Exclusive rights articles. Which type ... [read more]

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    How would you start a content writing service this 2020?

    I am looking to offer content writing as a service this year and attach WordPress support and maintenance(I have good WordPress skills) as an add-on service in a specific niche ... [read more]

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    How do you repurpose old content on your blog?

    WF- Enzo in Internet Marketing

    We all have an archive of good content we've published or shared sometime in the past, and such content might have brought significant traffic to your site. Another dilemma too ... [read more]

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    I'm wondering if content samurai videos + youtube seo is a method that actually works in 2020

    I have been making content samurai videos using articles from the affiliate tools sections of clickbank products and uploading them to youtube, I haven't really seen any success with it ... [read more]

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    What kind of Lead Magnet content are the best if i'm a newbie on affiliate marketing?

    Oliver Nang in Beginners Area

    Want to make a lead magnet but don't have a clear idea on what content to do it, a cheatsheet a checklist or a pdf, I would like it to ... [read more]

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    How I Made $101,249/yr Working Less Than 3 Hours A Day." Blueprint - [2016] [NOV] [Content]

    Stevie Drive in

    It has been over 10 years since I quit my job and started working full time online. It has been a wild roller coaster ride but now it has gotten ... [read more]

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    SEO & Duplicated content which may seems plagiarized

    peek in Beginners Area

    Hi, I know Google doesn't value websites with duplicated content. Here is my concern : in 2013, I created a good website for my company, let's call it A. In ... [read more]

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    Some things you need to know for writing your website content

    WF- Enzo in Copy Writing

    Again and again, content is king. There's a reason why - it's pretty much the bulk of anyone's website body. Without content, no one would visit a website or use ... [read more]

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    Content ideas tips: I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

    There are hundreds of ways to get ideas for content in most niches. What's you best content idea generation tip? Here's one of mine: Google this: golf filetype:pdf "table of ... [read more]

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    Sharing content without penalty

    squeebo in SEO

    A company, who is in my industry but who is not a direct competitor, expressed initial interest in republishing one of my popular blog posts on their site because it ... [read more]

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    Identifying your content marketing's sweet spot

    WF- Enzo in Internet Marketing

    Identifying your content marketing's sweet spot Content marketing is a complicated trick. You can't just come up with some blog or some TIkTok video, and call it "content". You have ... [read more]

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    Content in two different languages, question SEO

    MValmont in SEO

    Let's say someone write articles in French and wants to publish them to drive traffic from the French market, but ALSO want to go for the English market...What would be ... [read more]

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    Everyone Shouting Content is King, But Which Type of Content Can Rank?

    Amarjeet Verma in SEO

    I discussed ranking factors and got many replies "Content is King" again and again. So my question is what type of content can rank and how much unique content you ... [read more]

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    Engaging content for sales funnel

    ns17 in Internet Marketing

    Can someone please recommend the places from where to get good quality and engaging content used in email sales funnel for promoting aff products like clickbank and jvzoo. Are there ... [read more]

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    SEO consequences of replacing all content on a domain?

    DifferentEngineer3 in SEO

    Hi everyone I'm planning to buy a domain and turn it into a commercial landing page targeting keywords where I think I can overtake the competition. As a beginner I'm ... [read more]

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    Videos are a necessity in every social content

    WF- Enzo in Social Networks

    We are more likely to watch 30-second videos than read five-paragraph posts. Unlike before when embedding videos were optional, now it's pretty much mandatory for every social page to have ... [read more]

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    < [[ PROOF ] ]> See how I get my "first 10,000 Youtube Subscribers"

    Michael Meaney in Warrior Path

    The journey so far... Daily channel views: Latest update: 23 Jan 2020 6,700 subscribers To prove that anyone can succeed online if they're willing to put in the work (instead ... [read more]

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    Video content is most preferred but what if the nature of business doesn't allow this?

    You look at FolkD, Reddit and many other platforms, you will see most of the upvotes, views are on videos. This is clear video content is now the preferred form ... [read more]

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    Duplicate content on the same page...

    Jack Sarlo in SEO

    Hi, Do you know of any tools to check if a page contains duplicate content on the page itself? I have duplicated sections of my site. They're only visible for ... [read more]