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    Responsive web design and resizing images

    hariprasad p in Web Design

    Hi, Responsive web design works great on most HTML elements excepts images.I find it a mess. When resizing viewports, you cannot use resizing percentages on an image since it will ... [read more]

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    Is One Page Web Design more of a trend?

    BeverlyTaylor in Web Design

    Hi all, I have noticed more websites being programmed with a single page and the "menu" just clicks down to a section instead of the menu going to a different ... [read more]

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    Web design

    zakiruddin in Web Design

    Which cms is better for website design? Joomla or WordPress?

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    With the new design how do I get to page 2?

    With the new design how do I get to page 2? https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/

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    7 Awesome Design Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs

    Isabella Afable in Learn

    Collaboration tools and design tools are one of the greatest things to have on your side for working with a team for your startup, may it be a tool that ... [read more]

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    Crowdsourcing web design inspiration

    joetann in Web Design

    Hey WF, I'm the maker of UIDB.io - a place to find design inspiration with real, live examples of UI (not just concepts). For a while now the site has ... [read more]

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    Can a 52 year old guy learn how to do website design and internet marketing?

    I want to become an expert on web design and internet marketing. Can an old dog learn this stuff?

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    How risky is it to change the homepage design of a website that's ranking on Page 1?

    RaySpur in SEO

    The homepage of our site is No. 1 for a certain broad term on organic results. We are planning to update the text and and make small layout changes. No ... [read more]

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    Advise about landing page design

    mixmedia in Internet Marketing

    Hi warriors, To create successful and practical landing pages: 1) with out confirmation, which means who ever visits the page, input an email (could be fake one) then hit CT ... [read more]

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    can a 50 years old man learn how to do website design and internet online marketing

    pabda in Internet Marketing

    Hello, can I become an expert on web design and internet online marketing cheers

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    12 Marketing Design Boo Boos to Avoid or Fix

    Steve B in Internet Marketing

    Many of us design our own marketing materials, ads, e-covers, articles, sales pages, etc . . . because we can't justify the expense of using a custom graphic designer. It's ... [read more]

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    Experts, can you review my website design?

    Kapoki in Web Design

    Would love to get your feedback on our site Drugwatcher.org. It's a site that help consumers to stand up against producers of dangerous drugs and medical devices by informing on ... [read more]

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    Powerful Way To Close Clients On Website Design!! Make them REALLY want a website!

    s62731 in Offline Marketing

    Hey guys! So a few months ago I was really struggling with selling to people VIA cold calling. But after A LOT of persistence and help from people on this ... [read more]

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    Help on wordpress site design needed

    stevejon in Web Design

    I have a WordPress site, with the Consulting theme, I cannot seem to change the background image on all pages (I have changed the sliders on the main page). For ... [read more]

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    Website design programs - recomondations please

    Craig Farrington in Web Design

    Hi I am going to be making up a website and I would like to get the opinions of all of you out there which are some of the better ... [read more]

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    New design mockups for Warrior Forum

    Alaister in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, A few days ago I ran a poll asking if you guys would like a redesign. We got a lot of feedback and I decided to get our ... [read more]

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    learning graphic design online

    yusufu in Web Design

    Hello I hope you're well I need to learn about graphic design online hope you help me I'm asking about best ways and websites for learning that and also about ... [read more]

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    Website design help

    Gd Weblab in Web Design

    I have created a Website a http://www.gdweblab.com . I want to show 10 menus in mobile view can anybody help me in this .

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    Is cold calling effective for web design

    alboboss in Offline Marketing

    Hi Warriors, Normally I wouldnt ask this because i would just go by the typical call 100 make a few appointments get 1 customer stats. But my circumstance is a ... [read more]

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    Could anyone recommend a good course on starting your own design agency?

    dpcman in Internet Marketing

    Basically title. I'm looking to start my own design agency but I'm not sure where to start. Preferably the course would have info on how to get leads online.

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    Warrior Forum Design Changes

    Alaister in News

    Hello everyone We're in the process of tightening up the Warrior Forum design. If you have momentary issues with rendering, simply clear your cache and cookies and it should rectify. ... [read more]

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    Design Matter

    skylikemake in SEO

    Hi, if i and my competitor are using same website theme, is this matter for SEO?

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    Where to learn design?

    carllat in Web Design

    Hello Warriors, My question is simple, where can I learn graphic design? is there any online course? bolg or forum? thanks in advance

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    How can you target people on facebook who will need services like graphic design or web design?

    Realwann in Internet Marketing

    How can you target people on facebook who will need services like graphic design or web design? if you target who people who likes pages with graphic design, web design, ... [read more]