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    Avoid these email mistakes at all costs!

    Ever wondered why your email marketing efforts aren't getting the results you hoped for? You might be making some common mistakes without even realizing it. Buying a list All-image, no-text ... [read more]

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    Is email still alive and well?

    Hugh Fraser in Beginners Area

    Hi all, Back in the day, email was king, is that still the fact nowadays?

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    How do I effectively build and nurture an email list for affiliate marketing purposes?

    Hi all! I'm eager to learn more about building and nurturing an email list specifically for affiliate marketing. What are some proven strategies for growing an engaged email subscriber base? ... [read more]

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    Email Deliverability

    dicemartin in Email Marketing

    Are you assured of avoiding spam traps if you insist upon only purchasing email data that contains source url, IP address and time stamp?

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    Inexpensive (Free?) Opt-In Email Manager?

    success! in Email Marketing

    Hello, Is there a free or very inexpensive service or way to run a simple opt-in email subscription list that can also send PDFs? Thank You.

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    How to find quality email outreach prospects in 2022?

    Matt D. in SEO

    I'd like to know how those of you who do cold email outreach for building links, do it effectively. I've followed advice online. One of the most common methods is ... [read more]

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    Can anyone help me out with My Email campaign

    dtalks in Email Marketing

    Hi have a list of my previous clients who for some reason didn't agreed on the deal at that time. I want to run an email campaign to outreach them ... [read more]

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    Levelling up your email marketing design in 4 ways

    WarriorForum.com in Learn

    Picture this: you're sending out emails left and right, but they're just not hitting the mark like you hoped. Your CTR is lower than what you'd normally expect, and ... [read more]

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    Compnay Email Formats

    rayazsiddiqi in Email Marketing

    Hi, can anyone help me. How do I find the format a particular company uses for their email addresses? TIA

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    Selling Email Databases Leads

    Hi, Advice sought from email veterans I created large opt in lists of emails and SMS mobile phone numbers using polls/surveys I'd run on Facebook and native ad networks. I ... [read more]

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    dicemartin in Email Marketing

    What have you found to be the most productive CPS (cost per subscriber) platform for email list building?

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    5 email metrics you need to track

    Metrics such as clicks and openings are critical for determining campaign performance. Other metrics, though, have a greater impact on your business and marketing strategy. Here are some additional ... [read more]

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    How long should an email list building free e-book be?

    Rick K in Beginners Area

    Hi all. I FINALLY joined! I am about to launch a parenting website with special focus on 'eduparenting' -- parents who have a special interest in the wellbeing and education ... [read more]

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    Email vs social marketing

    Given that you've properly set up everything you would need, which is more effective?

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    Running ads direct to sales page vs to email list?

    Bkelly301 in Internet Marketing

    Hey so I've really been studying up on FB ads lately. I just bought this course that goes a lot into reading the data. This type of "numerical approach" is ... [read more]

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    If your name is in the subject line of an email, would you open it? These data will surprise you

    A new article on Martech.org reports that emails with personalized subject lines achieve considerably lower open rates, at only 18.79%, compared with more than 22% for than generic ones. Email ... [read more]

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    How do you avoid an email automation breakdown?

    A new article on Martech.org reports that it's as simple as making sure your marketing automations build in exclusions for people who don't receive a follow-up message. If it has, ... [read more]

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    10 email marketing tips to help cut through inbox clutter

    WF- Enzo in Email Marketing

    Do you want to boost your email marketing campaigns? Do you want to cut through the noise and have more of your emails opened? Make sure your subject line is ... [read more]

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    How do you figure out what is your best content? (to send via email as introduction campaign)

    lowriderzzz in Email Marketing

    Hi experts in email marketing! I'm working on creating a welcome/introduction email series where in two-three emails, upon signing up for my newsletter I get new subscribers to get to ... [read more]

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    Am I doing the right thing? (Affiliate + Email Marketing)

    Hi, A week ago I started with affiliate + email + facebook chain of marketing. I found nat bad offer on ClickBank, built landing page with free lead magnet and ... [read more]

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    Can you share some of your email solo ads strategies ?

    Dear All, My name is Matthews Saji. I am actively running email solo ad campaigns to promote my offers. There are a lot of tips and tricks I use to ... [read more]

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    Some tips for a successful email re-engagement

    WF- Enzo in Email Marketing

    It can be quite tricky reengaging customers on email, but consistent communication can make it organic and authentic. Here are some tips:Provide value first. Ask later. Don't drop the news ... [read more]

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    Are a lot of email marketers hypocrites, or just flat out liars?

    A lot of people on here, and everywhere tbh, are giving out advice about building relationships with your subscribers. Give value they say. Treat your subscribers like human beings and ... [read more]

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    Email marketing vs social media marketing

    simop999 in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone, I have a small company and a limited budget, so I'd like to know where should I spend my marketing $$ first- email marketing or social media marketing? ... [read more]

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    This is why I think Facebook Groups are way better than an email list

    Yaniv Katan in Social Networks

    This is why I think FB Groups are better for marketing than emailing your list. I know some of you will not agree, but I do have extremely good results ... [read more]