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    Email Marketing Database Help

    #1 Hello guys, hope everyone is having a great week! I'm creating this thread to find some help/suggestions on how to proceed with the following situation. One of the sales ... [read more]

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    Text message OVER email marketing?

    MMWMMW in Internet Marketing

    I deal with warm leads, people I have either personally met or at least talked on the phone with. I know most people use email marketing but everyone gets dozens ... [read more]

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    what is the best all in one website builder, blog, app, email autoresponder platform

    eriklauofo in Web Design

    I currently have builderall but I wanted to know if there is anyone better for the buck.

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    How to monetize a 5k email list in rice niche

    hasani2007 in Email Marketing

    Hello warriors. I have a big email list of rice buyers and sellers. I want to monetize this list but have no idea what to do with it to get ... [read more]

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    Sanity Check on Email Strategy :)

    FillyCheez in Email Marketing

    Hey y'all, Fillycheez checking in. Just joined this forum after a few months of lurking. I want to start off by saying thanks to everyone for posting great content! Can't ... [read more]

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    Email Harvesting

    Tom Barry in Email Marketing

    I have an existing database of over 7,000 email addresses that I collected over a period of 20 years from various sources i.e. Constant Contact, customers, drop ships, etc. I ... [read more]

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    Would anyone be willing to provide feedback on a marketing email?

    Sienicwi in Email Marketing

    I started a new job and everything is honestly a little weird there. My boss randomly decided to redo this entire email- mind you, he isn't a marketer, and he ... [read more]

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    Email marketing vs social media marketing

    simop999 in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone, I have a small company and a limited budget, so I'd like to know where should I spend my marketing $$ first- email marketing or social media marketing? ... [read more]

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    Best way to clean an email list?

    Delta223 in Email Marketing

    Hi, do those email verifier programs do a decent job of removing bad emails? If not, anyone know a better option for cleaning a list and preventing mass bounces?

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    This is why I think Facebook Groups are way better than an email list

    Yaniv Katan in Social Networks

    This is why I think FB Groups are better for marketing than emailing your list. I know some of you will not agree, but I do have extremely good results ... [read more]

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    Good email marketing platform

    usdgadget in Email Marketing

    Hello, I have 5k emails saved in a word document. I have these emails from instagram and twitter, my followers sent me their emails to receive informations about my products. ... [read more]

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    Email marketing service with ab testing and popups

    Keith Kim in Email Marketing

    Trying to minimize costs but can find a solution. Anyone know of email marketing service that allows for ab testing of automated emails? And email marketing service that handles popups ... [read more]

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    How to do email marketing for website?

    rajveer555 in Email Marketing

    i have website it's new (link removed) and i am thinking about email marketing but i have no idea about how to do? can anyone explain me how to do ... [read more]

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    Funnels and Email Lists

    swarveland in Email Marketing

    Hi everyone and fellow warriors I'm new to this forum and looks great so far! I have a question...how can I create an effective funnel to build my mailing list ... [read more]

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    6K US Email who already purchased something? what to do?

    Ajnish Rana in Email Marketing

    I have 6k email with there name. They all are US shoppers who brought US items recently. I am confused how to sale them something and make some profit. Any ... [read more]

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    How many times should I email a purchased list?

    Ron Diamond in Email Marketing

    Hi guys. Not new to IM (not an expert either, especially with email) but this is my first post. I'm not looking for answers on whether one should by lists ... [read more]

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    How can Grow my Email List Using Ebooks

    Bizopboost in Email Marketing

    Hello Everyone I have a lot of e-books and i have the rights to sell them and use their content But what I d Like to do is Grow my ... [read more]

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    Facebook ads worldwide targeting plus email marketing

    Hi, I'm new here. I have build a list of about 1000 subscribers using Facebook ads over the past few months just advertising here and there. I just started sending ... [read more]

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    The Future of Email Marketing

    Hi gang, I just stumbled upon this article. I thought it was quite interesting and wanted to share. www.emailmonday.com/email-marketing-future Anyone else like to offer up their opinion on the future ... [read more]

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    B2G email marketing

    Hello, I am a newbie here and I am currently an intern in digital marketing. I would like to get some really good email templates for b2gP email campaign for ... [read more]

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    3 step formula for writing great emails

    The highest paid skill that you will ever learn is learning the art of writing high converting emails. Copywriting is a skill that every marketer should be required to learn ... [read more]

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    Am I doing this right? Promoting Affiliate Offers Through Email Marketing

    andrew3129 in Email Marketing

    Is it possible for a more experienced marketer to check to see if I'm doing this right? I'm up to the stage of advertising but I'm getting cold feet because ... [read more]

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    Stuck in email marketing . I need help

    spartan14 in Email Marketing

    Hy all please give me some help as i am very angry on the luck i have I will tell my story to tell all necasary details I start to ... [read more]

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    Link to a blog post, or just email the content?

    squeebo in Email Marketing

    I have a niche blog site and a list with 3000 members, 21% open rate, 7% CTR. No monetizing yet. Me or a few friends have just been doing a ... [read more]

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    Looking for Email Mailer +50K Mails

    NoobyDH in Email Marketing

    Hi there, as one of our it guys left the fold i got some new things on my table i am absolutely not familiar with. we have a database of ... [read more]