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    Is it possible to add a second set of services to Google My Business?

    mikehende in SEO

    Hey guys, I have 2 websites, one for pc repair which I had setup for GMB years ago. Now that I have to offer web design and SEO since pc ... [read more]

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    Google Auto Suggest/Complete

    Costarica61 in SEO

    Hi Guys When in Google you enter a KW or phrase and then hit the space bar and hit an 'a' Google provides additional KW Phases accordingly. You can proceed ... [read more]

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    How long for Google to notice new backlinks?

    mikeb222 in SEO

    I've been doing some profile backlinks. The ones where you go to high authority domains and enter your profile details and your web site as a backlink. How long does ... [read more]

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    How Long Does it Take for Google to Realize a Site is Not Parked Anymore?

    STDCarriers in Beginners Area

    This seems like an easy question to ask without giving a site URL. If you have a site that is offline or parked for many years and it is brought ... [read more]

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    H1 Headings Are Useful, but they're Not Critical - According to Google

    WarriorForum.com in Learn

    A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that we might need to start thinking differently about H1 headings - according to Google. Recently, on a Google Webmaster Hangout, a ... [read more]

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    Google ads low conversion - relevant keyword clicks, maybe landing page issue?

    Igor Vst28 in PPC/SEM

    Hi guys, I have an issue with unexpectedly low conversion on campaign. Client product is day tours in popular tourist destination. The goal (conversion) = the visitor makes a booking ... [read more]

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    Conversion Rate in Google dropped significantly

    CaptainCool in Web Design

    Hello all Two months ago i lunched my own (Affiliate) review site. The site was showing amazing results with conversions 65% from visit to call to action. After a change ... [read more]

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    Google June Core Update affect your website?

    markdeessel in SEO

    Hi, I want to know anyone website affected by Google June Core update? Like got any penalty, traffic, and keyword drop, etc. If yes, then please share some thoughts and ... [read more]

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    Why are Google removing Star From SERP?

    aptechvisareview in Web Design

    I noticed on SERP google is removing star snippet can anyone give reason here.

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    Does Google Approve Software Written Articles

    Medon in Product Reviews

    For some time now, I have known that Google is very strict with the content you post on your website. I know that posting low-quality content can lead to flagging ... [read more]

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    Can anyone knows how often we should submit sitemap on google webmaster ?

    Shami qah in Beginners Area

    I have a wordpress site in which Yoast premium plugin is installed ... It have sitemap generated as you all know... I also have a google webmaster account to track ... [read more]

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    Is This Chain Redirection Affect Google Rankings?

    Beginnersblog in SEO

    Hey, I'm Shailesh Shakya... When I started blogging, I bought a domain (http://example.com) After 2 years, I redirected it to another domain (say http://another-example.com) And then after 1 year, I ... [read more]

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    Google Ads Changing Portfolio Bid Strategies

    WF Will in PPC/SEM

    Hey Warriors! Starting in July, Google Ads will be making the following changes: The ability to create Enhanced CPC Portfolio Strategies will be removed Target spend setting will no longer ... [read more]

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    Google Ads VS Bing Ads.. Which one is the Best?

    mynameisabhijit in PPC/SEM

    Hey friends, I am currently working on my product review blog and want to promote my product reviews through PPC so i need your help. Please suggest me which one ... [read more]

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    Google Beacon For Businesses

    I've placed the Google Beacon in several of my clients businesses including bars and restaurants. What is exact purpose of these? I've seen some locations have activated them somehow and ... [read more]

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    Taboola Acquires Outbrain, Declares War On Facebook & Google

    The aim: to bulk up to a customer list that will now number 20,000 online properties and an audience of 2.6 billion to compete better against the likes of ... [read more]

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    Google Ending Ban on Fantasy Sports Ads

    The SEO Guy in Ad Networks

    Google Ending Ban on Fantasy Sports Ads Cover Photo Source: Trent Joaquin Marketing Dive has reported on how Google is preparing to change a long-standing policy and will start allowing ... [read more]

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    Difficulty in getting clicks on google despite high impressions

    kingspark in SEO

    Hello great warriors I've been having serious difficulties in getting clicks on google organic search despite having high impressions. I basically get between 400 - 500 impressions per day and ... [read more]

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    Any way of avoiding totally the Google Penalty?

    Pamela123 in SEO

    Hello everyone, I am working on digital marketing. I have a website of my own. Sometimes I hear from some of my friends that the traffic of their website suddenly ... [read more]

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    Google doesn't give results from my blog

    Guys; I don't know where else to put this. I have a Wordpress blog website...Claudesblog.com. My problem is that Google doesn't list any content from the website when I do ... [read more]

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    On page 1 in 6 weeks using Reddit and Twitter

    MervikHaums in SEO

    Hi guys, here's a simple but very interesting case study. I am building a crypto content website and wanted to test if Twitter and Reddit can be used for traffic ... [read more]

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    Google Analytics Data Showing zero Avg. Time

    So, I have started a new blog in health niche. I have published some good quality content on it. For 2 months the visits have been ranging from 0 to ... [read more]

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    What structured data does Google decide to show?

    nicus in SEO

    Hello everyone, I have on my website a page listing different events (around 10 events). I added JSON structured data on it and Google decided to show on its SERP ... [read more]

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    Imported reviews vs Google search policy

    abderrezak31 in SEO

    Hello warriors Is imported rich snippet reviews will ban webpages from the google search result ? I mean there's lotof ways to import reviews and comments from other webpages and ... [read more]

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    Why does Google behave annoying? My site has died

    Beginnersblog in SEO

    Hey, Since march 2019, It been too much surge in rankings of Google. Sometimes traffic goes up and sometimes it goes down. Back in September 2018, I decided to change ... [read more]