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    Honing your public speaking skills

    Yes, Carmine Gallo declared that public speaking is no longer a soft skill. In fact it's everyone's prerequisite to success regardless of what field you're in - sales, surgery, engineering, ... [read more]

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    Cold Knocking Strategy That Get You Into A Sales Presentation Right Now. "I'm Taking A Survey"

    This isn't in any of my books. I decided to share these methods because I spent the first 20 years of my sales career selling life insurance and then vacuum ... [read more]

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    Cold Calling and presentation problem - transport company

    Hello, I'm a young entrepreneur, which established couple weeks ago own transport company, we do transport by frigo trucks and freight forwarding. I managed with finding customers locally, I just ... [read more]

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    [WSO OTD 1000+Sales]Social Media Mega-Closers Presentation & Coaching

    Neil B in

    SocialMedia Sales Page - YouTube [1,300+ Sales] ATTENTION: So Popular PayPal's Automated Alarms Went Off & They Were Shutting us Down!!! BUT WE ARE BACK!!! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE ... [read more]

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    [WSOTD] Offline Mobile Marketing Mega-Closers 2.0 Presentation & Coaching - Social Media Addition

    Neil B in

    MobilePPT R2 SalesVideo .09 - YouTube CLOSED... 2.0 EDITION NO more excuses... Before you might have told yourself that you didn’t have the portfolio yet, that you didn’t have ... [read more]

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    Is there any way to add live webcam video to a slide presentation?

    James Liberty in Beginners Area

    I'd like to do an audio podcast, but also create a PowerPoint version of it to put on YouTube. That said, is there any way to record live video of ... [read more]

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    Hi there. New forum user presentation!

    risa22 in Beginners Area

    Hi. I hope everyone is doing well. I just started in IM few weeks ago, and found this forum through PLR site. I'm now seeking some forum threads for information ... [read more]

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    Sales pitch Power Point Presentation Sample or other resources for a pitch

    Justus44 in Web Design

    Hi, for a sales pitch (online) (Skype/Destop Sharing), have someone a good powerpoint presentation (Website Creation) ? Or other Resources ? Regards

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    PresentationBolt - Killer and Professional Presentation in Few Minutes!

    MaulanaMalik in

    WSO OF THE DAY - AUGUST 6, 2013 Originally Posted by Vicki247 This looks very nice. I'm buying. Also, thanks for making the price reasonable Originally Posted by Fenshon Malik ... [read more]

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    Offline PLR: BRAND-NEW Mobile Marketing PLR Presentation to Help You CLOSE New Clients with EASE!

    MsMotivation1 in

    *Perfect for Newbies!* Attention Mobile Marketing Consultants... Originally Posted by SirBertram Excellent quality and priceless value! At the very least this is a MASSIVE timesaver, especially when you consider ... [read more]

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    BPG - Mobile presentation power mobile closer

    creck01 in

    Mobile presentation power mobile closer Watch video to see entire presentation (please note you are not receiving a video on the front end) Mobile Presentation Power - YouTube Just ... [read more]

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    SniperService in


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    Offline PLR: BRAND-NEW Reputation Management PLR Presentation to Help You Easily CLOSE New Clients!

    MsMotivation1 in

    *Perfect for Newbies!* Originally Posted by Harold Brown Just reviewed my copy. Fantastic quality...especially for the price. It covers the right topics and does a great job of laying ... [read more]

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    SEO presentation I did for 200 people. Download it free :)

    Brad Gosse in

    Over 200 People Attended My Latest SEO Talk Dear Warrior My name is Brad Gosse and I am a writer, speaker and traffic generation specialist. My primary focus for the ... [read more]

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    The Napkin Sales Presentation

    David Duford suggested the book to me. The title is The Napkin Advisor. It shows 50 different short illustrations (that you could easily write on a napkin) if you sell ... [read more]

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    PresentationBolt Vol. 2 - Amazing and Professional Presentation in Few Minutes!

    MaulanaMalik in

    some feedback from previous volume : Originally Posted by Vicki247 This looks very nice. I'm buying. Also, thanks for making the price reasonable Originally Posted by Fenshon Malik has ... [read more]

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    [ 9.95 WSO ]Create A Hot Video Sales Presentation or Video Squeeze Page

    alziban in

    Build High Converting Sales Videos and Video Squeeze Pages with this Easy-To-Use Script Creating Stunning Sales Videos Has Just Become So Easy That You Will Jump Off The Chair After ... [read more]

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    Looking for native English speaker for a presentation

    ionutcib in

    I have a software application and I need a short Camtasia (or other screen capture software) video and voice presentation (5-10 minutes). I want something like this: " When you ... [read more]

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    The Ultimate Powerpoint Presentation Template

    56pixels in

    The Ultimate Powerpoint Presentation Template for you that you need professional, clean, creative, simple presentation template. All slides designed using great style. All element easy to edit and you ... [read more]

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    Professional Videos for Successful People [25-50$]

    anvemedia in

    I will create a professional, high quality, simple and creative, full hd video for your product/service. The video will boost your business profits and will clearly transmit your message to ... [read more]

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    PresentDeluxe Screenshot Presentation Software- ClickBank Ready. More available!

    ipgreenhouse in

    This listing for PresentDeluxe.com includes the brand, website and domain, software for windows, installer and user manual. You also get source code and rights to this software. About PresentDeluxe: "Display ... [read more]

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    Presentation Reveals How To Sell $197,$497,$997 Even $5000 Products...

    jasons in

    Presentation Reveals How To Sell $197,$497,$997 Even $5000 Products Online Yours In Prosperity Jason Robert Szova

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    Free WSO 4 Part video list building walk through presentation

    gmuir in

    Discover the exact 7 steps that will take you from a struggling marketer to a 6 Figure A Year Solid Business. Hi Greg Muir here And welcome to this page ... [read more]