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    Do Any Audio Book Sites Let You Include A Word or PDF File As Well

    Hello Warriors: Hope all is good. Questions about Audio Book uploads. Are there sites (and if so could you please list them) where if you upload the audio file for ... [read more]

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    Marketing vs Sales - Which Skill Is More Important for an Entrepreneur?

    Fellows, I started my lawn care business which made me keenly aware of the importance of marketing & sales. And since my time is somewhat limited, I wanted to ask ... [read more]

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    Massive decrease in sales since price increase

    Bkelly301 in Internet Marketing

    Hey I'll try to keep this short. I'm just looking for some guidance if you don't mind! I've been in business for about 6 or 7 years now with my ... [read more]

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    Doubling and Tripling Your Sales and List

    I just saw something similar to this in a group I'm in: Thanks to ___'s teachings and this community my list has DOUBLED!!!! Then down a couple lines it says: ... [read more]

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    are sales down world wide or it is just me who is not getting clients.

    wpdesign1 in Beginners Area

    are sales down world wide or it is just me who is not getting clients. not a single client in last 2 months. i am a wordpress website designer and ... [read more]

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    The goal of marketing is to make sales easier.

    WF- Enzo in Internet Marketing

    What do you think? Should marketing serve sales, is it the opposite, or should they collaborate?

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    First steps in the sales world

    6ixpack in Beginners Area

    Hey People, first things first: i'm from Germany. Means my english ain't that good but i understand everything. My questions are: -How do i start in sales? -Is there a ... [read more]

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    Is There A Need For High Ticket Sales Closers On This Platform?

    Hello. Today is my first day on the forum. I was looking around to see if there is a need for sales closers/ remote sales professionals to help sell digital ... [read more]

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    Springsteen Sales His Publishing Catalogue for $500 Million...

    discrat in Internet Marketing

    Well, we know someone will be having a very Merry Xmas Smart or dumb ?

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    Help needed from a newbie

    Deflo in Offline Marketing

    Hello All! This is my problem: a friend of mine ask me to "build" a phrase to gain immediatly the attention of his prospects at phone (cold call). He is ... [read more]

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    New Member from New York

    Hello Everyone! My name is Elisha, and I'm new to this platform. I have 11 years of Sales experience and 5 years of Direct Response Marketing experience. I look forward ... [read more]

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    Web Sales Enquiries Have Stopped

    Rife Interactive in SEO

    Guys, I need your help. I've been working with a great client on their SEO for the past couple of years. Everything was great; impressions, clicks, enquiries and sales. Then ... [read more]

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    How can I sell 3d printed parts?

    Hello all, I'm looking to supply replacement parts to industry using 3d printing and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the sales process. In the short term, the ... [read more]

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    sales training

    As a few of you know, I retired a few years back, again. And then my brother asked for help training his crew how to sell. Man o man, I ... [read more]

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    spent $300 and 0 sales [CLICKBANK]

    Hi, I've tried promoting 3 Clickbank products on Bing ads. I used direct links in my campaigns so I didn't use any custom landinage page. The thing is that none ... [read more]

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    Worst sales call ever

    Hey, Just curious: what was the worst sales call you've ever got? Share some horror stories

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    ClickBank sales pages with an Opt-in form

    Should I stay away from products whose sales pages contain an opt-in? Does the credit go to the seller and I don't get anything? If so, how do other affiliates ... [read more]

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    Tracking Leads, Tracking Sales

    talfighel in Internet Marketing

    So not a lot of people are sharing this in their courses but I will talk about it here. Quick question for you: When you advertise online, do you track ... [read more]

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    Sales Pages - Landing Pages Design

    Hello Warriors, We just got done working on our Web Application related to the E-commerce industry. The question, Where's the best place to find designers who can design a top-notch ... [read more]

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    Why talking about the 'benefits' may be hurting your sales

    What would happen if the news was filled with with fluffy, positive, feel-good stories? How long before people stopped watching? The people behind the news, know that "fluffy" stories don't ... [read more]

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    Anybody familiar with Etsy? Offsite ads fee - if my sales drop again, will it become optional again?

    itoldusoandso in eCommerce

    I am unable to post questions on Etsy forum because I am getting "Too many redirects" error message whenever I try to post new message on their boards. I tried ... [read more]

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    Five Ways to Improve Your Social Media Branding and Sales Efforts

    WarriorForum.com in Learn

    A new article on Social Media Today reports that social media is a great tool for keeping brands connected to their customers, but it can also be a powerful driver ... [read more]

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    Gifting Amazon KDP to increase sales and reviews

    I'm planning on launching a book on Amazon later this year. The best seller in my category has around 10 sales a day and should be easy to beat. I'm ... [read more]

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    Two questions for Claude Whitacre on sales objections and marketing

    Hello everyone, I had a couple of questions for Claude to answer that may help everyone else out, so here goes. My first question is what to do when prospects ... [read more]

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    The Ben Franklin Sales Close.

    In 1982 I bought my first great book on selling. It was How To Master The Art Of Selling by Tom Hopkins. It took me a weekend to read it, ... [read more]