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    My Niece Ask Me How To Profit With Her Smartphone - Here's My Answer!

    superowid in Mobile Marketing

    Hi warriors! Especially newbies! So sometime ago my niece (16 years old) came to me asking on how I made money online. After couple talks I forwarded her to use ... [read more]

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    Whatsapp Guru - advice needed

    peewee161 in Social Networks

    Looking to promote to customers using marketing newsletters on Whatsapp. Looking some advice from knowledgeable marketers. Lets say I have 10 UK audiences which I want to promote deals to. ... [read more]

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    whatsapp like autoresponder

    any wa marketing tool to send messages in sequence like autoresponder?

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    How do these whatsapp marketing services make it work?

    Hey Guys, I am a bit confused and need to know how whatsapp marketing companies are working to send 50,000 message on whatsapp for their clients. For Instance: http://www.whatsdubai.com/ http://www.smsmarketinguae.com/whats...ting-packages/ ... [read more]

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    WhatsApp Auto Responder

    Iteration in Mobile Marketing

    Is there any way to set up an auto response to anyone who contacts you by WhatsApp? I'm looking at various ways to use WhatsApp marketing. Thanks.

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    Suggest the cheapest way to start whatsapp marketing.

    Yogesh2708 in Mobile Marketing

    hi guys.... I am a poor fellow who is hoping to make millions through whatsapp marketing. When I saw over the internet about costings of the tools required to start ... [read more]

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    How to send bulk whatsapp messages

    have large list of phone numbers and need to send one time offer to all using whatsapp bulk programe or site any ideas ? need somthing you already know and ... [read more]

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    How to Reply to a WhatsApp Message Without Appearing Online?

    ihossain333 in Social Networks

    We can reply to a WhatsApp messaging by clicking on the notification, which then opens the app. However, this activates your online status; you may not want a reply message ... [read more]

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    WhatsApp Messenger WP Plugin

    bushell86 in

    We all know how popular free SMS websites are, right? However, theres a cost involved in either using a third party provider, or having the hardware internally yourself. We have ... [read more]