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I Hope I am in the right forum but I am looking at selling a couple
of Domains which do have catchy & great names with relevence to the targetted market.. I know that their are tools that help to measure what a site is roughly worth by age , rank, Alexis etc & of course what someone is willing to pay for it.

Can somebody inform me on what steps are necessary to do to satisfy not only the the measuring tools & t other resourses. Hopefully one by one that will help maximise the return as I am sure it would also help others that are in a similar postion!

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    Hi Renee,

    I am doing some research on this topic as well. I used a few online tools and got a few
    different results.

    Two estimated a price of $590.00 (estibot and valuate) another $1570.00 (domainindex)
    and when I went to Sedo to list it for sale the price suggested there was $399.00

    My question would be, for those who have experience selling domains, would it be best
    in your opinion to just stick with Sedo's suggested price, go for the higher evaluation, the
    middle one, or use some other method before listing.

    I can see asking all three prices, but would like to price it to sell, since I have listed a few
    on Sedo before that did not. I did not use their suggested price at the time. It just seems
    a little low, but I could be way off.

    Now I'd like to sell on Freemarket and not sure if I should use any of those as a guideline and
    if asking price matters there. It's a domain with the keyword gluten in it, but only found a few
    listed for sale there with gluten in the name.

    Thanks kindly,


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