Do You Think This Site Should Die Alone?

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So here is the thing. I started a business related website targeting Google Adsense an year ago. I initially worked for around two months but then couldn't manage time since i already got involved in other passive income niches.

Here is the Site: Ebus101 - Your Business World

I get around 10-40 visits per day from Search Engine Organic. I haven't done anything to this site since last year. I listed it to Flippa last month but nobody bought. So i thought i should take your suggestions. Suggest me whether i should try to sell it somewhere else or should i let it expire?

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    It doesn't sound like the site's actually making you money.

    If that's the case, don't be surprised when nobody buys it. Online businesses fail all the time, it's a part of the game. It's nothing to feel bad about, just focus on something more worthwhile.
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    I'd try to sell it. I've pulled the plug on some sites that I later went on to regret killing because I could have easily sold them instead of killing them.
    I'd rather tell you an ugly truth than a pretty lie.
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    you will get a couple hundred on flippa for it with 500 visitors/month and 0 revenue

    Buying all 4 Letter .com's (, PM me

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    Just try and re-evaluate your niche. you might be wasting your time in an area that does not fit you well or you didn't do your maths well before starting. also, you could also be impatient. Remember that many online jobs grow at a slower rate but after reaching the pick you shall enjoy the fruits. Just re-think your decisions. thank you and All the best
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    I won't be uploading it to Fiverr obviously. I tried with Flippa once before i posted here. It only touched $88 that time. I have around 100 brilliant articles in this site. The articles themselves worth more than that.

    Anyway, let's see what i can do.
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    From my perspective, domain is not attractive, you are not earning any money and there are a lot of similar sites (news portals) really hard to compete with
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    From my perspective, domain is not attractive, you are not earning any money and there are a lot of similar sites (news portals) really hard to compete with
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    site looks great!

    you have 3 choices:
    1. renew your domain and try to sold
    2. let it die (please NO!)
    3. start working on this website I think if it gets 15 daily visitors from Google, its a good SIGNAL!
    try to write some SEO articles and buil high quality links, share on social sites and GROW!

    Dont give up!
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      The domain is garbage, ahrefs reports a massive pile of spam links. The content is worth money obviously. I'm going to give you the best advice I can here. Take the site down, make a backup of it. Delete it out of google and get a new domain, this time try not running some spam tool over it. If the content on that site was created with some auto-content tool and it's fooling my tools, then it's worthless.
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    I personally think 10-40 visits to the website is not a good number in terms of the traffic. With so low traffic, it is very hard to make money and thus very hard to attract buyer. Maybe you can try increase the amount of traffic first before you try selling it
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  • just think about your inputs and outputs.
    and plan when time u can earn money if u insist in it.if ist not what u want ,u can let it die alone.


    to be a better girl.

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