How do you appraise websites?

by rodpap
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Hello everyone,

So I have been looking for a website to purchase recently. I am looking for a small website that's making a little bit of money, it doesn't need to reach 3 figures a month honestly, it's just a side thing.

Anyway, while searching I've been through Freemarket and Flippa and it has been ridiculous. I've seen a guy try to sell a website making 0,25 cents a month for $1,700, a website making $2 a month for $3,000, and everything in between.

Now, honestly I appraise a website by the income it is generating: usually 10-20x the income depending on the quality of traffic and the age of the domain...

But I guess I'm wrong? How much should a website with a half-decent domain making $5-$15 bucks a month cost? I

And how do you appraise websites?

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