I Need Your Expertise on Selling My Extensive Etsy Website Package

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Hello hello,
So, I've built a website catering to Etsy sellers and have built a list of about 450 subscribers (very responsive). I've also created a very effective Etsy SEO course that sells for $27 (subscribers get a $10 off coupon).
I offer people to have their shop featured for free (with optin of course) and I add their shop to my rss feed, which continues to update as they add product to their shop...complete with image and descriptions and links directly to their shop.
The current Alexa rank is around 366,000.
I have drawn traffic and subscribers from FB ads, a Pinterest group board that is now built up to over 2200 people pinning and over 40,000 pins. Some Twitter, Google + and a couple of paid ads on craftcount.com, which is super effective since Etsy sellers are my target market and craftcount is where they go to check out their shops performance.
I also have a directory built onto the site (free for subscribers), which is also setup to charge and is fully automated.
I also have an automated advertising system installed, which needs to be activated, but works very slick.
There is an accompanying Etsy shop to go with this site (not sure if I can sell that or not)...
Plus, I've got a Growth Lab membership site halfway built, a hosting module almost completed (just needs a couple of tweaks), but is running on WHMCS.
I'm prepared to sell the whole entire enchilada, but I have NO idea what to ask for this business.
I am moving into an entirely different niche, so I'm happy to include the subscriber list as well.
Any insight, suggestions, help...anything at all will be greatly appreciated.
You can see everything at the following links:

Main site:

I was intending to charge around $19 a month for the growth lab to help people create a wordpress website to accompany their Etsy shops and teach them how to market it, as well as provide monthly materials, support, shop critiques. Also, I thought about creating a group within the growth lab where people add links to their products or blog posts and everybody else pins, tweets, shares, etc. A way to get a little viral effect going once the group grows large enough.

Whew...done being a windbag....let the comments fly!
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