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This is my first time selling on flippa, there is less than two days left 92 views no watchers and no bids and no website visits according to google... it seems like flippa is using bots and it was a waste of money? should I of listed it here? how is other peoples success selling on here or flippa?
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    Did this end up selling? With that few views and no watchers I assume it didn't do too well

    Did any bids some in during the last day/hour?
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    Hello, no bids were received with 170 views
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    I sold websites on Flippa before. I think serious bids are usually come in the last few hours, and Flippa extends the bidding by a few hours if there is a bid. Before the final moments, number of watchers is quite a useful indicator how many bids you will get.
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    It seriously depends on your website niche and if your website stats attract visitors. Most of the bids come in the last hours so wait till that. Flipps works if you want to sell your site so you just need to change your sales page or other necessary things to make it work. Thanks :-)
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    did it sold?
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