My website, how can I improve?

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My website is

On it I promote self improvement and inspire people to become the change they want to see.

I also promote my product that trains inexperienced people how to build a business online and I use that within my message to help people create a better lifestyle for themselves.

Also, I'm new here on WF

Please let me know what you think, and what could be improved.
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    You misspelled your domain..

    Fixed your link:

    Barrett Business Success - Self Improvement Creates Success

    You have a lot of content which is ALWAYS Good. I just sense that there's too much going on on the homepage.

    Also "Self Improvement Starts Here!" links to a landing page about Financial Freedom and there seems to be a disconnect, plus the image on another guy on the landing page seems create an impression that you are offering somebody else's formula.

    It would be better if it was your image and it was about Self Improvement as the links says.

    Just my 2 cents.. Keep up the Good work DJ!

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    You can inprove your website to use new techniques and features like as The graphic interface and offline previews, Manual code management, SEO optimization, Product catalog and E-Commerce shopping cart.
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    Well you can start by fixing the DNS error that's on there and then maybe think about shortening the url so that it becomes more memorable.

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    The link goes to hostgator. It says "Please configure your name servers"


    Your Self Improvement Journey Begins Here

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