Is growth hacking possible without software/coding?

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Is there such a thing as productivity or outsourced labor growth hacking?
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    I keep hearing that it is but every good example I have seen of it involves some coding.
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    Growth hacking has nothing to do with design or code. All growth hacking means is growing your business through free marketing strategies that are usually unorthadox. Some examples are getting users to share your content on Facebook for a free X.
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    appvirality is a good tool you can try ~
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    Potentially. For instance if you own a directory, get someone to go and scrape all the emails for all the local businesses that could be a part of your directory. Create a good email marketing campaign yourself and send out the emails. The bulk work is collecting the emails which some people will do for dirt cheap.
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    35 Growth Hacking Tools for Marketers Who Don't Code
    Good article can be find https://blog[dot]kissmetrics[dot]com/35-growth-hacking-tools/
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    Of course there is, if you have a few VA's on your team, that are working hard creating content for you in order to leverage your time, you can definitely have some pretty exponential growth in a short time period.
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    Growth hacking is very open, it doesn't require coding, but often solutions can involve it.

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      growth hacking is a big word.

      Essentially, you'll need a product to market fit, which is where most of your developers/programmers/coders (assuming you have a digital product) come into the picture.

      Working hand in hand, your (preferably in-house) developers can quickly add and remove features, design etc based on data outputs from various data based tests such as A/B testing. Till the point where you see a viral loop within your product (people auto recommending it to friends and friends recommend to friends etc).

      Once you have this fit, you then apply scaling techniques, which is the real growth hacking part.

      To answer your question though, if you are looking for such a product/market fit, then yes u need developer, and you can outsource them, but will eventually notice that the progress of testing various parts of your UX (user experience) is to slow and would then look towards having someone in-house.

      A chicken and egg thing.

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