Best Analytics Tools for Startups

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Hi everyone
What are the best Analytics tools you use, and why?

Thank you
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    Go for Google analytics , Reason is
    first of all as a google offical tool
    Shows accurate info like visitors, bounce rate, & many more
    easy to use & link to your site
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    Really depends what you want to measure and track.

    General stats = google analytics

    Split testing and visitor behavior = Visual Website Optimizer

    Landing Page optimization & testing that can run fast on your servers without noticeable flicker:
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    NOTE: you need to techie to make this work...

    For starters... Google Analytics / Optimizely
    Split testing and visitor behavior = Visual Website Optimizer
    (very good support and after sales follow-up)
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    google analytics or histats. Choose any one form here
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    Agreed depends on what you want to track, I use google and woopra (with utm generator to track links from specific campaigns)

    Also I highly recommend Lean Analytics Book

    New employee onboarding program

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    I recommend you to try with google analytics and google web master tools. They are good for beginners.

    Setting up google analytics is very easy.

    I use worspress as my platform and i use their stats.

    When i compare wordpress and google analytics, they show huge variation.
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    Google Analytic, Google Webmaster tools, Buzzsumo, Moz tool are good for beginners.
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    I am just starting out with my business and have just set up a Google Analytics,account. Free information such as this is much appreciated as it helps to give starters like me a heads up on what it;’s all about. It is much appreciated. And maybe in a few years I will be able to make a more informed contribution to the subject matter.
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    It depends on your goals what you want to measure. is good for Saas product. We've used it's free version. For what type of product do you need analytic tool?
    I am looking for beta testers for

    In nutshell, it's hide-and-seek game for websites. You can collect leads and decrease bounce rate in a funny way. Just hide graphical objects on your website and suggest visitors to seek them.
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    In addition to what's being named, Mixpanel is awesome for figuring out everything about your customers
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    Google Analytic and Search Console as analytics HQ
    Positionly for monitoring positions in Google and phrases
    Bitly or Buffer to keep your links stats in one place
    Crazy Egg or Visual Website Optimiser for split tests and heat maps
    Mailchimp for all marketing automation analytics
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    I suggest Gostats for beginners, because it's free and easy to install. It tracks website data in a real time and provides report accordingly which is easy to understand.
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    For startups, it has to be Google Analytics.

    It is free, powerful and simple to use. Though there is no support with it and it may look "dull" software, it should take care of all you rneeds. One you have money and marketing & Sales team, you can move to more vertical paid tools.

    As startup, you want to keep things lean and streamline and using multiple analytics product is often overkill.
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    Surprised no one has mentioned Piwik. I'd recommend taking a look at it - it's free, can be hosted on your own servers & is pretty robust.

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    I also like Piwik. Here in Germany it is the only tool that is officially said to be in line with our privacy laws, by the way. it is open source, so any missing functionality can be added, or there is likely already an existing plugin. And to have it on my own server is a big, big plus for me.
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    I dont understand why dont you just start by the basic, understanding Google Analytics, the metrics and how to levarage them, that is a good start and you will be ahead of 90% of the other startups
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    I'm using for tracking conversions and it's been great so far
    Your traffic not converting?
    Omniconvert - the complete CRO tool
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    Google analytics is free and therefore a great tool for small business who just started out.
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    Yeah Google Analytics
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    Google analytics is by default a must learn. Try to use Semrush to expand and get data that your competitors are using like keywords, Ads and backlinks.

    Sometimes we run after the champs, atleast we improve our rankings every week because we have the data as basis.
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    I agree with google analytics, it has a lot of functionality once you really get into it.
    When looking at keywords, even if they're "not set", you can look at the 'landing page' which gives you a lot of valuable info.
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    Start with Google analytics
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    Actually there are lots of analytics tools in the market,Everyone above obviously they have said which one you should go for, i think that will work for you .i have been working for a software firm which is on the verge of launching their first growth hacking suites for business.hopefully we are going to come up with the full version soon.

    To know more or if you need any sorts of help
    E-mail :

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    Try out DiiB. Their platform gives you deep insight into your website, and everything is explained in plain English. Stats are real-time and also come with a predictive component. Can be used on its own, or in combination with Google Analytics.
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    There are alternative to Google Analytics such as Piwik, Parse-ly Dash, KISSMetrics, Clicky, Woopra.
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    And more analytics tools:
    - Gauges
    - FoxMetrics
    - Adobe Analytics
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    The right answer for that question depends on your particular needs. The tool is useful only when it fits for what you're testing and what you're going to improve.
    Basically here are some common and best tools for any startup are:-
    KISSMetrics? Mixpanel? Ginzametrics? GazeHawk? Optimizely? Google Analytics

    Niriya offers best Digital Marketing Services

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    Depends on your KPIs what you want to track. You can use Quill Engage that is integrated with Google Analytics.

    Profi webshop üzemeltetés hazai vállalkozásoknak. | Színvonalas weboldal készítés Budapest területén. | Ismerje meg a keresőoptimalizálás referenciák weblapot.

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    Honestly, You really don't need any other tool than Google's Analytics and it's the most efficient and clean in my opinion. Just my 2 cents
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    Google Analytics and CrazyEgg, they are just about all you will need to enhance your website where users lack interest. They're east to set up, and cheap. (Google Analytics alone is free) I also enjoy using the Google Analytics app to check out my website's statistics wherever, whenever.
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    • Go for Google analytics , Reason is
      first of all as a google offical tool
      Shows accurate info like visitors, bounce rate, & many more
      easy to use & link to your site
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  • for Start ups. +1 for MixPanel. GA is great too
    Signature to Quickly Learn Google Analytics and how-to track your website
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    Go with Google Analytics
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  • No love for hotjar here?

    I cancelled my crazyegg subscription and went for this all in one solution

    Does it all, heatmaps, visitor recordings, polls, Funnels
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    I'm using Google analytics, it's free and easy to use
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    I would suggest Gostats along with GA
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      With the right dashboards setup GA is pretty much all I need. You can get other fancy looking tools but you'll be paying for stuff that looks nicer but which you can setup yourself in GA (if you're serious about analytics and you should be). Yeah and I use Whysr Campaign Tracking to guarantee my omni channel data integrity in GA.
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    depends what you want to do For basic tracking, Google Analytics is totally fine and it's essential.. for something more sophisticated - checkout Mixpanel or even Piwik (if you want to host the solution yourself)
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    I personally prefer GA and gostats
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    Go for Google Analytics!! its good enough.
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  • Profile picture of the author Bejan
    To start with, use Google Analytics and build out a solid dashboard based on your goals. If you or your agency uses AdWords and/or Bing Ads and need other specific reports and visualizations for internal analysis then I built a free tool for this called MarketFlare DNA.

    Bejan A.

    Routinely running PPC reports? Download the free MarketFlare DNA AdWords & Bing Ads reporting tool.

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