How to get authority on forum?

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i'd like to become a active member on forum, anyone can show me a guide?
thank you in advance
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    The best way to go about becoming an authority on forums is simply to reply to posts with any tips that will help the poster.

    Create your own threads with great content and always have that intention when posting.

    The intention to help others with any issues they are having.
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    The best way to be an authority in an forum relies on various things : For example, from maintaining a good profile to replying all posts with value able tips and resources.

    I have seen that Jack of all doesn't work and choosing a niche is the key to success in forums.
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    I also looking to reply for this as you ask I am also new here but I think it is best way to reply The best way to be an authority in an forum relies on various things for others. and thanks for asking this .
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    To get an authority on forum is so hard. To know how please read the site licences and agreements. Thanks
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      Look at the people on this forum who others trust.

      Then look at how many posts they've made and how long they've been making them.

      With Forum Marketing it's all about time, how much time you put in to commenting, having conversations etc.

      Set aside a set amount of time - or a set number of posts - as a goal that you will strive to hit each and every day. Hit that goal everyday. Give it some time, and eventually, just by sheer consistency you'll become a trusted member of the forum.

      That's exactly what I'm doing here.

      20 posts per day Mon - Sun.

      It's part of a marketing plan that I've put together,a small part, for a much larger deeper funnel. It's going to take time, a lot of it, and being consistent, and hitting my goals every single day and making sure that people actually get something out of the words that I type on the screen.

      But it'll work. Just watch and see ;-)
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    from what i see them doing is to share genuine stuff that you know to help other members & no spam
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    Be trust worthy and always try to make a healthy discussion with forum members to make a credible account.

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      A client of mine actually has me working on coding an algorithm (non-proprietary, from an academic paper) to identify community opinion leaders (so the robots can identify who's important). Sparing you the Analytic Hierachy Process math, the paper boils it down to three aspects:

      -Number of threads started and number of threads responses
      -Number of comments on your threads
      -Number of Followers

      In other words: write stuff that generates interesting discussions, get and stay active, Build a community of friends within the forum.

      --Then the robots will know you are important
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    give reliable info by helping other's and much better to talk to admin :p
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    1. Check the community guidelines before posting. During the registration process you will be asked to agree to the forum's user agreement and posting guidelines. Many forums have unique guidelines that you need to pay attention to. Violating any of these rules can quickly get you on the wrong side of the community members and completely invalidate your efforts of building good relationships, trust, and credibility with the forum community.

    2. Spend some time reading the forum to get a sense of the community's special quirks and cultural norms. Figure out who the influential users are and note which topics are perennial favorites. Learning this information will help you fit in more quickly.

    3. Make valuable and useful contributions to the community.
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