Here's how I built a profitable business as an artist, from scratch

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I'm the founder of - a service that provides unlimited designs for business for a fraction of the cost. Wanted to share how I, as an artist, managed to build a profitable business.

Artists usually are thought of passionate but poor craftsmen. As a designer AND entrepreneur I wanted to share the short version of my journey of building a profitable business that continues to grow month over month. Hoping it will inspire folks who are struggling.

1. First, I launched to design logos on a pay-what-you-want basis. I needed money, I loved designing logos and because I was unsure what to charge I made turned it into a pay-what-you want model. When originally launched a little over a year ago, I had my first $4000 in orders within 7 hours, from a Reddit post (I didn't have the website yet)

2. After the initial peak was over, I looked for ways to market this logo design service. I open sourced the unused logo designs I regularly would make for companies over at This resulted in a ton of growth, getting covered by sites like TNW and Inc. Giving away stuff for free helped me grow the business beyond myself. The problem however was the unsteady stream of income.

3. Then some weeks ago, I launched, to create a more steady income for myself and fellow artists. Where the goal is to spend less time marketing oneself as an artist to attract clients, and constantly provide value to companies. The designers/artists get to work their craft and constantly improve. While the clients get to work with a single designer over a longer period of time for a fraction of the cost.

I had written about my current service and how I got to$1,596/MRR in 48 hours:


It can be a struggle to make a living as an artist, but once you combine an entrepreneurial mindset and proven marketing strategies to simplify the flow of work, things can work out pretty well.
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    Hmm so they pay for monthly subscription. Do you have client that always ask designs requests?
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      Yes there are many aspects of businesses that need constant design work. For example, there's a business that sells and produces Macbook hardware. The things they have us work on:

      - Packaging design for new products
      - Social media marketing images design
      - Logo designs

      Others we help redesign their mobile app's UI and then continue to help them with all the promotional stuff like banners and what not that help them during launch
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    Thanks for sharing your experience, it seems you have created a very profitable business, congrats for that!

    I have a few question about your case, I would like you to answer them, just for having a better understanding of what you did:

    Whats the marketing strategy you have been using? you mentioned that you promoted through Reddit at the beginning, but I would like to know what else have you done, im sure you did some social media marketing and stuff like that, if you could share more details about that it would be great.

    Also, what else can you tell us about your business model? You work only with subscriptions? Or does client ask you for particular jobs and stuff like that?

    I would be really waiting to see your responses.
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