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This is a question to all the growth hackers out there.

This is a niche many of you may have not considered. A nice that has been slow to take up the internet and with high cost barriers. The research instruments niche consists of scientists and lab managers who buy expensive equipment worth thousands of dollars. Traditionally, they use dealers and trade shows to get the word out.

How would a scientific instrument startup growth hack its laboratory equipment brand presence and sales in North America?
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    The first thing that comes to mind is to use Linkedin to get in touch with the decision makers who are responsible for purchasing your product.

    This is an interesting challenge.
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    I think you should consider to build a website and use email marketing to promote your product. but before you do that it would be great if you have a catalogue consist of your product description.

    Good luck!
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    Start finding the executives and lab directors who make the decisions. When I worked in a lab sequencing genomes some of our Ion Torrents and things were in the hundreds of thousands lol Depends on what you're planning on selling. Dispoables like pipette tips? Liquid handling automation? That'll sort of dictate the audience you go for. I can say that as a whole, a lot of the research scientists are more friendly and open to new equipment and ways to optimize their research.

    Medical device/pharma is not nearly as fun :p
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