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by coxmg
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Hey guys ive got a free social network that is photos based. its only 1 click to sign up but only people i know are signing up as a favor, lol. the site is getting a lot of traffic but its not going viral.

The idea is, have a user signup, free, they invite other users, who in turn then invite more users through an easy sign up and click add process.

So far ive heard that some people dont trust the sign on button since it is through facebook.

Any ideas on how to get it to grow organically?
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    How long has the social network been live for?

    If you're directing traffic to your site (rather than FB sign up) - I'd recommend opening a premium section that is invitation only. Use something like MaitreApp to incentivise existing users + traffic to social share based on FOMO.

    I've seen this used before by a couple of startups here in Sydney for sneaker clubs (yes shoes lol).

    By any chance, could you share the website?
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    That sounds like a plan, im going for like a cascading viral effect. perhaps i should share an ebook on photos taking or something like that in order to get them to share with friends.

    Prefer not to share it just yet but maybe later on i will.
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    This is a bit odd but its really aimed at the younger crowd like say ages, 13-23.
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    its only been live for 3 days
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    Imo if you are trying to start a social network ditch the Facebook login.

    What does your platform offer that others don't? Focus on this.
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    (sorry reviving old thread)

    Have you tried looking at what some competitors are doing to target virality?

    re: facebook sign up: It's nontrivial, it's an easy gateway for people to signup (even though it may not be their first option to do so, it also allows easy transition of profile data like name, email etc..)

    Thinking about virality specifically for a moment, one of my favourite virality talks was by the CEO of Beard Bros where they hired beard niched YouTubers to affiliate their product. The CEO tried for months with youtube how to's but just couldn't get viral (he blamed it on his lack of being 'aesthetically pleasing'). I'm trying to find the video but if you google for a bit, you'll find an interview he did on his marketing campaigns.

    Following this; considered an affiliated signup process for a physical product? You could implement it and upon completion of purchase, auto-generate a profile for the buyer (though would recommend an autoreponder with a second tier opt-in to sign up).
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    LOL perhaps it was because theres not that many people who are into beards
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    Some people don't trust the signon since it is through FaceBook. The first step is to add a regular signup form (and/or ditch Facebook).

    Do people get any benefits for referring friends? I ask because, if everyone and their friends are on FaceBook, why should they invite their friends to another social network? Their needs to be some benefit for everyone involved.

    What kind of social networking site are you running?
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