How viable is reddit as an automated lead gen?

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Came across this reddit post

I've decided to start a challenge against myself. I'm passionate about digital marketing, growth hacking and niche blogging.
I know very well what means to have an online business that doesn't make profit. It's frustrating.
So I decided to start a new challenge: I want to help other people succeed.
The post itself is still in it's infancy, but it seems like a trend on reddit to solicit business based on a very grey area of their rules.

Has anyone had sustainable lead generation from reddit, and if so - have you / how have you automated or had opt-ins to your funnels purely from reddit?
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    Personally I just dont get reddit. Either as a user or in terms of lead generation. I kinda just dont see the point. Having said that I can think of at least one marketer which I regard very highly has offered a course on reddit in the past so there probably is something to it. I'd be keen to see how others use it
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    I use reddit myself as a user quite actively for getting new insights etc. The problem: there is a lot of traffic (really, it is huge) but they hate spam/advertising. So it's damn hard to get regular leads from Reddit. Either you will get banned or your posts just don't get seen. Even if you manage to get traffic, it does not convert that good. We normally have a realy good conversion rate on other channels (10% of visitors sign up for a free trial period), but on reddit people just don't want to become your customers. We had a quite good post (showing our company as a best practice example) where we got 2,000 click on our dedicated landing page on one day, with only 1 person signing up for a trial period. Even though I am an experienced user of reddit and the target group was more than relevant.
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