What Free Traffic is working for You?

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I want to know if anybody has tried successfully some free traffic source that really works. I tried a few like free Ebook sites etc, but got no significant results that far. Would like to know what are your experiences. What works for you?
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    I think free traffic is the direct traffic and the traffic you get from organic searches.

    In my expirience their are the most profitable type of traffic because cost me 0 to have them, maybe it cost me in the past but now is 0.
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    • Alright, this traffic is from SEO. But how do you get on first page of google when you are just starting out??? I need to find out how to get traffic to a completely new site. What are the secrets for that?
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    • And what are the strategies to get sucessful JV influencer on board when you are starting out?
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    I use free for all advertisement sites and social media. Mostly Craigslist and Facebook.
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    There are a lot of Free Traffic sources that works..
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    There is no secret, just hard work and it will take time to get results.

    Don't expect to have a new site and get page one rankings over night or gain traction on social media.

    When starting out, you can get JVs on board or influencers easier by giving them 100% commissions throughout your whole funnel for example. Try and look at it from where they're standing, what reason do they have to give your product a shot and promote it to their list, when it probably will not convert very well, as it's new. Try and get creative with it.
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    It depends. If you´re selling a product, JVs and affiliates might be great. If you´re a startup media coverage and "buzz" work, especially if you manage to make something really go viral.


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    Well, for free traffic you can go for SEO. Through this way, you can easily get organic traffic which will help your business growth. Also, you may join some of the free online referral programs which will help you to connect with other referrals and share your business services or products with them.
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    Free Traffic is best when you want that people should read your content but in case of product its just waste of time and money because people just visit the sites and do not buy anything so its very unproductive for me and my experience on direct traffic is not good. As an SEO if u want to make it on top this free traffic may help you allot.
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