Has anyone taken a paid online course on all the tools needed to create profitable online courses?

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I have found it frustrating having spent the last few months researching tools, techniques and platforms for creating and publishing online courses and digital products in various forms. I thought it would be a lot simpler but it seems that there are tools needed for just about everything you need to do, as well as multiple alternatives for the tools that you do find. It can soon become very overwhelming trying to find the 'right' tool for the job.

Has anyone else encountered the same frustrations? How did you overcome the steep learning curve for the plethora IT products required? Have you found any end-to-end online training options for all the products in one place?

I would welcome your suggestions.
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    I think Teachable is a pretty great solution for hosting your courses.

    Zippy Courses just went through another big update, and it has some upsides that teachable doesn't. But honestly.. you just have to pick a tool, get started, and pivot later if things don't work out. Don't waste weeks of your life trying to find "the best" when good enough gets you traffic and sales, when you're just beginning.
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    How do you eat an elephant?...one bite at a time. You cant do it all at once, prioritize what you need at first do that and move on.
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    What kind of courses are you trying to put together? What tools are you having a hard time deciding about?

    Spending months on this sort of decision isn't the best way to spend your time. I speak from my own personal experience wasting time on decisions such as these.

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