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Hello Everyone,

I have a new website that I'll be launching soon. It will be a niche social media site. While I'm promoting the site through various methods, I'd like first-time visitors to the site to get the appearance that it is already active. Few people will want to join the site if it appears dead / inactive. So I'd like to get a team of 15-20 people to post actively on the site. This will give an appearance that the site is buzzing & active, and will encourage new visitors to register.

Does anyone have any recommendations about how to get these users? I believe there's a site that allows you to get people to test your site (something like Can't remember the exact name), but that service's main focus is to provide feedback about the user interface, so not really relevant in this case. I suppose an alternative is to recruit people individually through a freelance site.

Any suggestions?
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    Hi HectorGonz,

    This answer is simple, if you are going to be paying for users, you might as well be paying for real users. That's the whole idea behind paid traffic.

    If you are trying to get user engagement then you need to create content that users will want to engage with. You can and probably should hire staff to create engaging content, and to interact and engage with real users, especially in the beginning while in the launch phase.

    There is no point in having staff engage with other staff (fake), because that doesn't generate any real benefit. Instead have staff engage with real users that you drive to your website via advertising, or other promotional activities.

    You can hire virtual assistants to generate highly engaging content and to interact with users, this isn't fake traffic it is internal staff engaging with external users.

    Once you have "primed the pump", you can cut back on internal staff, but you should probably keep a least one or two on the job until you have really built up traffic to the point that you have really active user engagement.


    Don Burk
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