How to grow an app on google play store?

by rirara
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I have several simple apps on google play store. They are solitaires and relatively good looking and polished but I can't make them popular. I get good retention rate but very little new players.
And the bigger picture - how to make game studio profitable.
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    1. Run a Google test constantly

    Google Play provides you the option to set up and test different variants of your app listing, including:

    • your icon
    • Functional Graphics
    • screenshot
    • Video
    • Short Description
    • Full Description

    Running the experiment is free and can be rewarded by increasing the daily activity users of your application.

    There are a lot of ways in which you can set up and run in less than 10 minutes. Even without having an expertise or resources to create new graphics, anyone can make some changes to their short description or complete description. Here are some ideas for a brief and complete description of the test:

    Brief description:

    • Use social proof, such as using numbers or sorting your categories
    • Use several keywords to resonate with visitors
    • Try some brand slogans

    Detailed Description:

    • Try formatting the description text
    • Try using your application or FAQ section
    • Test the different variants of the first 5 lines, which is the most prominent line in your complete description.

    2. Be careful not to put the keyword
    Google is the king of search ranking algorithms, good at sniffing out keywords stuffing; If Google thinks you deliberately exaggerate the number of keywords in your description, your rankings may be affected.
    Check out these guides for more information on Google playback.

    3. Use your title to place one or two of your top but highly relevant keywords
    The title is one of the best places to rank the keywords, which is true for Android and IOS apps. It is also a great signal to tell users who see your application in search results and what your application is. Select one or two related keywords to describe what your application is and include those in your title in this format:

    4. Select 3-5 Competitors and study what they are doing
    Pick some of your top contenders to study how they describe their applications and attract users. Study what their screenshots are, what keywords they use, what selling points they sell, and what users are saying. This information will be useful not only to provide you with ideas about keywords or message passing, but you will also know how to differentiate between your application and your competitors to better attract visitors.

    5. Localize your list
    If your application is available on a global level, why not localize your list to make it more generic? You can translate your apps list using Google Translate, but Google also offers a choice from a localized vendor to purchase localized translations. For any country where you see a significant increase in installation and revenue (or your preferred KPI), consider localizing the strings in your application and optimizing to retain them.
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    Optimize your app - Do on-page SEO of the app such as keywords and tags.
    Now start paid promotion on facebook (per install),
    Once you have a few people (100+) on App start push notifications.
    Make app share-worthy so people share it with others.
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