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Hi there,
I don't know anything about coding but I'm looking for how I can click automatically on LinkedIn profiles of a particular geographical zone.
Do I have to implement a script? and how?
Thanks helping,
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    I thought about doing this, but after giving it some consideration i decided it was a waste of time. How much traffic (assuming that's the reason you want to do this) can you really expect from it it? I would imagine very minimal.
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      Actually, I did that manually for some time and I had significant results.
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    You mean automation, right? I love automation as it makes us very proactive and makes our efforts double. You can use tools like Use it, you will get to know what I am trying to say. You will be amazed.
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    it's definately a new strategy to get ban from linkedin, which itself is pretty useless.
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      You are right JohnVianny! Such tricks may ban your account.
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    Linkedin updates their terms, and I think creating a bot would violate the terms. There are many scraping tools supported Linkedin scrape in the past, but do not work recently.
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    You can use

    But trust me nothing works better than manual invites on LinkedIn. There are chances of getting banned if you use any tools. Be very careful.

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    Automation and Linkedin don't go well together. Don't use any third party tools or bots on your main profile or you risk getting banned.
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    Using automation on LI can be very beneficial to your business if done right. I have been doing thissince last May, have over 2500 connects and have landed several deals.
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