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I'm looking for a VPN/Proxy to use on a daily basis, that been said, i find out that there are many VPN that keep logs of your activities. Therefore, when your ISP or governement asks for details about the ip i was connected with they provide to them all my activites on the net.

I hear there are a few vpn that don't have logs, i'm counting on to recommand me a few ones you already know.

Thank you very much !
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    Nord VPN is great. It uses military grade encryption, doesn't monitor traffic on its network and keeps no log of customer activity
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      Thank you! But I'm already using it, it's my favorite aswell, i am look for another one in case it goes off some day, you can say that i'm looking for a plan B in case things go wrong

      Do you know another one who doesn't keep logs aswell ?

      Thank you
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    NordVPN is good but as you mentioned that already using it. So here you plan B and C if things go wrong.

    A bit expensive but best from others "ExpressVPN"
    Another option "ibVPN"

    However, everyone has own experience with multiple VPNs so keep counting
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      Thank you very much ! Your suggestions are very valuable to me !

      Do these VPN's give another real ISP info beside your new ip address ?

      I say that because i've been using some free vpn and they often give like unknown isp as a value instead of givinng a real one which alerts other sites that people are using vpn to access it !
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      No logs ? Is there a desktop version aswell ?
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      • I've been using FastestVPN for 2 months now. They don't keep any logs, says so in their privacy policy. Also, they are based in the Cayman Islands, away from the prying eyes of NSA and 14 eyes so it's a good thing. The best part is all their IPs are whitelisted None of them is ban on any forum or community.
        Yes, they have desktop app for Windows. They have apps for windows, mac, ios, android, firestick and android tv.
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          Thank you so much, this VPN sounds like a realy good alternative, it's seems too perfect to be true haha

          However, you said earlier that the IPs are whitelisted, did you check them ? Is there a way to do so ?

          Thanks again Michael for the great feedback
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    I usually use Tunnelbear - it's working really good to me.
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    I've been using Nord VPN for the past couple of years and found it to be really good. However, I just got a lifetime subscription to Forcefield by Passel. Provided it keeps running for the next 3 years, it will have paid for itself. Bargain!
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    HMA VPN Pro & Nord VPN are the ones which are great in use & also the cheap ones. I use their desktop versions & working very well for me.
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    Try to use Private Internet Access VPN. Looks like it's that you need.
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    tunnelBear is one of the best tool for maintaining these kind of logs.
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    You can use private proxies instead of going for a VPN. Surly this will give some great result.
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      I see. By private proxies do you mean proxies that only i can use them ? I won't have to share them with other people ?
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        That is not necessary. As I know you can use the best for yourself VPN service like . You can try this one, I am using it for last two weeks.
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    have you tried hide my ass?
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      But Yes and i also read about it, it's not realy one of the top recommendations
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    I use TunnelBear personally but actually much more options exist. I would recommend you to read detailed reviews on different vpn clients vpnservicepro.com. Compare prices and offers. I think that's the best option.
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    I would like to recommend you to use some kind of VPN service that are free, there are a lot of high quality services nowadays. I am using https://ininja.org/. You can choose any other for yourself, everyday some new such service appears. As I know there are no logs there.
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    I would recommend using Surfshark. They did an independent audit about their extension security and privacy. It was verified that they don't leak any data.
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