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by Croz
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Hello experts -- I'm looking for advice on how to produce a daily podcast.

I came across this show on iTunes

and I've been listening to the stories of these founders, and I like the format of the show. I'm thinking about starting a daily show, and I'm wondering if anyone of you has any experience with daily podcasting and how would I go about doing it. The host of this podcast I've been listening to has managed to get some big-name guests on his show, and I'm not sure I would be able to do that (at least not initially), so any advice on booking people on the show would be much appreciated.
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    Find your voice, once you get a reaction keep at it. If the podcast will grow I don't think it would be a problem getting people on the show.
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    To start with a side note: That podcast you linked to has a pretty smart titling of the episodes. Almost every episode has a question in the title, like "How ___ did ___".

    If you do not know yet how to produce an episode a day, how about starting with one a week, or one every 14th day.

    It's better to deliver on that promise than to break the promise of one each day.

    As for content, if you like talking with people, maybe interviewing can be be your thing. Read up on interviewing skills, and make a good set of questions before each interview.
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    Producing the pod-cast is the easy part . . . what will determine the results you get, is how well you market and promote it.

    Even the best quality content in the world, would only grow slowly without effective marketing and promotions. So make sure you understand how to market and promote your pod-cast before you start.

    As someone else said, the titles need to be optimised, as does the podcast name, description etc. then there needs to be effective marketing and promotions done, to grow the podcast well, so you can get the big-names involved etc.

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    Where does one get an audience for a daily podcast?
    What equipment is needed for this?
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    Well you can just watch YouTube videos on how to enhance your voice and at the same time you should be watching videos related to fixing your grammar correctly when speaking. There are tons of videos and articles out there that could help you out.

    But the best way to be good at it is to start right away with the basics. Over time you would be a very good speaker.
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