Selling the Back Button traffic. Is it too true to be good ?

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Hello all,*
Does anyone have experience selling traffic with a back button ? Some ad networks like hastraffic they buy the back button*traffic.I am not sure how much money you could make on it but is it really worth*it ?*

What is the policy of chrome*or*about*the back button traffic? Can you get banned for this ?*

I have my own site which i basically buy traffic. If i could monetize the back button it will help me on my ROI. I know i will not be making much but is better than nothing on the other hand though i don't want to risk getting banned from google ads or chrome or any other service.

Any feedback will highly appreciated
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  • Not personally familiar with it but if you typing sentences with possible bans in them why put your business on the line my friend?

    I would focus on optimizing what you already paid for and get another opinion on your landing page from another marketer.
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    Sounds awfully shady. Personally, I wouldn't touch it...

    But to answer your question, I'm quite certain that most reputable CPC providers would disapprove due to the poor UX.
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    How do they buy the back button traffic? Is it through exit intent popups?

    The official Google policy on this is not so friendly: "Websites with pop-ups or interstitials that interfere with the user's ability to see the content requested; sites that disable or interfere with the browser's back button."

    I personally hate popups, especially exit intent ones, but they do work in generating leads and improving ROI.

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    Yes you can banned if Driving traffic (through "arbitrage" or other methods) to destinations with more ads than original content, little or no original content, or excessive advertising.
    Bridge page, doorway, gateway, other intermediate pages that are only used to link to other sites
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