Clickbait as a strategy, yes or no?

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I was thinking of overused tricks in marketing, what do you think about clickbait? Everybody hates them, but are they effective? They have a place in marketing or it's a big no no?

BTW I found a satirical website on clickbaits, "clickhole", pretty funny, but I found some crazier ones in "real websites" haha
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    I dont think if it is a good idea but I never think about it as a main strategy. It's ok as addition as something which works when I'm doing something more important.

    Clickhole is a fun website or really good made real clickbait website?
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      I think the first option, but I seriously can say haha

      Regarding the topic, I don't think using "Clickbaits" is a sustainable strategy long-term, at least as a reader I tend not to check content written with CB's anymore because it is almost always disappointing and therefore not good for the brand
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    "Clickbait" works and if we like it or not, it is a reality. However, there is really 2 types of clickbait... there is the one I think we are refering to here that is just straight up false and misleading - and as much as I agree this is a short term gain at best... there are news sources and "Influencers" that have been pulling this off for years on end.

    The second type of clickbait is rooted in a minor portion of a piece of content, But is factual and truthful... There is a youtube creator I watch that had a video title like "Its over, I Quit" the other day...and I was thinking like oh geeze here we go... and then I watched the video,and I would have regardless of the title... but the "Its over, i quit" was his switching over to a new product... and really had nothing to do with the overall video - and it was like 10 seconds of a 20-minute video... I tried to find X and its over I quit, I went ahead and bought Z - and done... so very much click bait - I didnt feel tricked... It was kind of amusing - and the comments in the video shows that other people thought the same thing.

    The strategy works... there is just no question to that... its how its used in context to the actual content.
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    Clickbait as a strategy can be a good gimmick but not everytime.

    As a viewer, i will click for sure if its really intriguing and creative enough but we should be ethically taking care of sentiments, professionalism, and emotions. It shouldn't be demeaning anyone at all.
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