Do You Still Use Market Samurai?

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Hi Warrior Forum Internet marketing experts

Do you still use Market Samurai?

If not, what do you recommend as the top three
keyword research tools, in descending order of

And do you think just using the free Google Adwords
keywords tool gives good enough results to base
effective landing pages on?

Thanks for your help.

(Will check back later today for replies – I live
in the UK.)
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    The Google keyword tool is as good as any. Most keyword tools like Market Samurai pull their keyword stats from the Google tool so the numbers are pretty much the same.

    Market Samurai is good for the top ten SERPs Results competition analysis.

    I like LongTail Pro because it is flexible and does a pretty good job. It also uses Google for the keyword stats.
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    There are much better programs out there in my opinion. From my experience, Long Tail Pro has far more useful features, the only downside is that it is not cloud based.
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    I do my keyword research using Keyword planner plus the free options of Market Samurai.

    I have been using Long Tail Pro and it's really good, even better than Market Samurai in the full version.

    However if you are a starter I recommend you using Keyword planner from Adwords, Google Trends and the free features of Market Samurai!
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      Was using MS today!

      Not so much for the keywords function though.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    I had market samurai and still have long tail pro. To be honest, I never really used them. I now use a combo of GKP and the moz extension in chrome. That gives me all the information I need in order to make decisions on keywords. If you really want a tool then you should get an SEMrush subscription. Pick a niche, run the top ranking sites for the rest of their keywords and you have all the information that you need as well as a pattern to reverse engineer.
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    Same question asked a few days ago, just can't find it...
    Here is one from Jan:
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    I haven't used Market Samurai in about 2 years!

    Nothing against the tool - I just learned simpler ways to do keyword research.

    Here is what I currently use to do my keyword research;

    Google Keyword Planner

    And I also use the Google Search Engine to do some research. I use terms like 'allinrurl:' - 'allintitle:' and 'allinanchor:'

    I keep my keyword research simple - so I have more time to produce high quality content to rank fast and build up organic traffic
    At the beginning, I thought making money online with a blog was super super hard. Not anymore. Learn the art of making money online blogging - step by step - HERE.
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    I have been using market samurai since its launch and was using it today... great tool if you know how to use it
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    I tried for long tail keywords and market samurai for analyzing competiton. Both are a great combo to find out many low competitive long tail keywords.
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    Anyone use MS recently? Mine crashes every time I try to fetch keyword suggestions. The SEO competition module still works as always. But the keyword research function has been crashing the program for the last 2-weeks straight. Can anyone please check yours and see it it pulls keywords or not.
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    I already lose the MS license key and I don't even want to retrieve it. With that said, if you are looking for alternatives, those are ahref and Both are free to try.
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    No , I agree with the guys above that Long Tail Pro is the one to have at the moment
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    I am still using Market Samurai and i don't think that i will change it.
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    I saw a Niche Genetics today and it looked quite impressive. Seems to me it is more comprehensive than all keyword search tools I've seen or used before. But I am not going to buy it because I am not in the website building business. Neither am I associated with them in anyway.
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    I still use MS for the simple fact that I don't have to log into my adwords account. I just fire it up, enter my keywords, and use the filters to identify the keywords to target.
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