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hi, i'm considering getting into internet marketing or email marketing and i encountered clickfunnels.com and they are offering a 14 day free trial and after that its only going to be $97 per month. so my question is can you make money or is it possible to make money during that 14 day trial so i can cover the monthly bill after the 14 day? thanks
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    It's not the system that will make you money, but your offer, product, how you write copy, and what traffic (paid or free) you find as well as how you target your offer.

    If you're just getting started SiteGround host and a WordPress site with Thrive Themes is far cheaper and is "yours".
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    I agree with cypherslock...

    it's not the 'system' you use, but how you lead the viewer through the sales funnel that will determine your success!

    As for ClickFunnel itself...over-priced for what it offers!

    I'll admit, I almost signed up w/them a while back but after doing some further research, found a platform that not only provides me more "bang for the buck", but also only costs 1/3rd the price when compared to CF!

    Good luck w/whatever platform you use!

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      What did you find Ray? I had CF but would like to have more control over what I'm building/using. Thanks!

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    Ray what platform do you use?
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    ClickFunnels is great and you can do a lot with it but personally I think it's overpriced in today's market. If it were priced $30 - $40 per month I'd still be using it but at $97 and the account limitations (yes, $97 is just an entry point) there are better options.
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    I personally like ClickFunnels. It's what I used when I first started building websites for CPA offers and it is very easy to use. Obviously, the only thing that I do not like about it is the monthly charge. I agree that it should be a lot lower for what it offers. Since then, I have moved on to using WordPress. It took me a little bit longer to learn how to use, but it is definitely worth it in the end.
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  • I disagree with most everyone out there, but that's because I use it to it's full advantage. For obvious reasons i'm not saying this because I'm an affiliate because obviously I am, but instead as my honest, unbiased opinion.

    For one to shell out the $99/month fee, you have to be willing to use it. With this being said, I use it exclusively and have all-but replaced Wordpress in most, but not all aspects of internet marketing. For me, this was the direction I wanted to take which is not the direction of most marketers.

    ClickFunnels does so much more right when compared to other page builders like Thrive and Lead Pages. For starters, it's by far the easiest platform to use that has the most resources out there in existence when looking at YouTube and the likes.

    For someone looking to create multiple email lists, split test and monitor quick, then there's no better option. The resources alone can have someone new to landing pages up and running with 3 - 5 the same day.

    The learning curve is minimal; not because it's not an expansive platform, but because they put every resource you can imagine right in front of you, literally. They have their own branded video for every single topic which makes their platform easy enough for anyone, and I mean anyone. If you're still stuck, their tech support rivals anyone's.
    Of course, there's always bad with the good. The obvious is the price, but then again, if you're business us 4x with it is it really a con? For more then 20+ funnels you'll have to go for an upgrade which will cost you $299/month which is absurd.

    I've been teetering 19 funnels in about 2 weeks after signing up and have been staring, but haven't taken the leap for the upgrade. Be sure to take this into consideration if you plan on scaling your business.

    I've got a few friends who have the upgrade so i've been able to test out the two big upgrades including Actionetics and Backpack. The addons with the $299 package are inferior when compared with other softwares for email automation and affiliates.

    I tried Actionetics and wasn't impressed at all, GetResponse and Aweber are more functional for me. Backpack is good, serves it's purpose if you intend on looking to bringing on affiliates.

    The Good:
    Ease of use
    Customer service
    Back end training

    The Bad:
    Upgrades to Backpack and Actionetics are inferior to others
    $299 price for 20+ funnels

    Do your homework and have a good idea of where you're trying to be before taking in any direction. Once you get started with one, it's not an easy switch to move to another > not just physically, but psychologically as well.

    I'm personally extremely happy with ClickFunnels, but it's not for everyone. It would be nice if they have a $149 offer for unlimited funnels without all the BS the $299 Enterprise plan gives you.

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    I have tried CF 14 day trial. IMHO It takes some time to learn a new system and depending on your speed to learn, 14 days might not be sufficient to learn, implement and start earning on a new platform for you.
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    Buggy as hell.

    Can't recommend it.
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    A better idea (and you own your data):

    Thrive Themes membership (includes Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads)
    SiteGround Hosting
    Drip marketing automation
    WooCommerce if selling a product
    Stripe to take payments (integrates with WooCommerce)
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      Hey! Does WooCommerce have Stripe integration plugin?
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    WooCommerce can use many different payment systems. Stripe is one.
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