Affiliate Funnels Bot?

by smak
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Hi Warriors

Affiliate Funnel Bot...this one going out all who are familiar with this new program and who are actually using it.

It's a product recently launched in JVZoo marketplace I believe.

Any feedback and review of this product will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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    Always had great support as a customer and user of the platform.
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    Any more reviews and feedback from actual users of Affiliate Funnels Bot be much appreciated.
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    I'm interested too, if anyone has any information
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    Junk. any product that sells for $27 and promises you to make sales is complete junk. The landing pages they show are old and outdated. The offers that sell are almost impossible to promote on Facebook unless you have great copy skills.
    You Are A Snowflake
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    I would never buy a product that mentions anything "bot" related. Reminds me of when I signed up for a traffic site in the past (will remain unnamed) that only sent bot hits to my link.
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    Have tried the product and now seeking a refund. It is a maze of upsells or addons, confusing for the user trying to find out what you purchased. I would give it a huge thumbs down, the free Wordpress lander is a better option by far.
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    Unfortunatley such clickbank products for that price are just crap
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