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Hey guys,

I stumbled upon Perfect Traffic Storm only recently and signed with it, but then I discovered there was another site, Traffic Python, which the sales page and just about everything in the member site were the exact same.

However, there are both 2 different owners:
Perfect Traffic Strom (run by Mark Lareau and Todd Gross)
Traffic Python (run by Brett Ingram)

Are these supposed to be brother and sister site, or something?
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    I thought Perfect Traffic Storm was an original product. I'm
    asking for a Refund!
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    There are the same script, which Brett Ingram sells its called source code millions if you google that all will become clear. There is nothing fishy !!!!!!!!!
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    Looks like a PLR version of Traffic Python
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    There are a bunch of these sites available out there. Each of the owners can add their "touch" to the script and create value in other ways. I am a member of a few of these sites and I have had positive results from the memberships.
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      I purchased MyTrafficBusiness 2.0 and the offer page says that I can try the product for 30 day our until I submit my site details. So if I submit the details I cannot get a refund if I do not like the software. The support person (Anthony) is saying he can't give me the software link to do the install myself so what the hell am I supposed to evaluate? The videos? I get a feeling that they are trying to cheat the customers by not allowing them to install the software themselves and tricking them into getting the site build so that they cant ask for a refund.

      Worst part is MyTrafficBusiness is the next version of traffic python and the existing members of traffic python do not get the updated version. The original version was sold for $500 and new version is for $300, helpdesk responder is annoying and keeps closing tickets without a reply and when he does reply it would be something totally different then what you asked for.

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