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I am getting a new lap top over the christmas period but not sure whether to get a mac or PC. I have always used a PC and concerned that if I get a Mac that it will be overly complicated and take me months to figure out how to use it.

I am a full time marketer and want to make my own website which could end up being quite large and interactive. I want to put articles, videos on there and may use some graphics. As well as this I want to write smaller blogs on the side. This is what I want it for.

What do people advice on this?
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  • I recently moved from PC to Mac. The OS in Mac is better done and I've never experienced any slow down even if I have multiple applications opened at once, which I indeed used to experience in my old PC. In the other hand, it's far more difficult to find software on Mac than on PC, especially small freeware applications for very specific tasks. Plus of course you pay a juicy premium on anything that has an apple printed on it.
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      I switched to mac a couple of years ago and never **ever** looked back! Mac OS is super easy to use and you'll learn in no time.

      It's partially true about being a little difficult to find very specific small applications, but don't let that discourage you.

      For example: I wanted to buy Micro Niche Finder, but it runs on Windows only. I could always install Windows on my mac and use both OS through a program called Parallels, but I really hate Windows.. So I decided to use Market Samurai instead.

      There's always another software that will do the trick, or you can have both systems installed and use Windows on a much nicer looking, faster and more silent machine.
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    Quite honestly, I am sick of whining
    Mac users complaining because one
    program or another won't run on
    their machines. They represent a
    fraction of the market but expect
    a special version of everything created
    to run on their "special" computer.

    Or "I don't have a right click button on
    my mouse . . . what am I supposed to

    Are you serious?

    My first computer was an Amiga 500 -
    great for games and graphics at the
    time but all of the really good programs
    were for PCs.

    That's why I'm a PC user and why I
    will continue to be a PC user until
    Mac can really run *everything*, then
    I'll consider overpaying for my next
    computer because looking cool *is*
    important to me.

    Currently I have 12 programs opened,
    19 browser windows, I'm listening to an
    MP3 . . . and I haven't had a virus since

    Ain't marketing great?!

    "Limitations are Mac imposed." ;-)


    PS - I'm not really that hostile against
    Mac's, just venting the bottled up
    frustration I've been holding onto when
    it comes to this *great computer*.
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      Originally Posted by .X. View Post

      Quite honestly, I am sick of whining
      "Limitations are Mac imposed." ;-)


      PS - I'm not really that hostile against
      Mac's, just venting the bottled up
      frustration I've been holding onto when
      it comes to this *great computer*.
      Wow, I guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!
      Chill dude!

      If you don't like macs, that's ok. I believe you're not hostile against Mac's. It just seems you're hostile against a particular user. But that's ok too, I'm not offended. I'm guessing you're just having a bad day.

      Merry Christmas! You seem to need it...
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    If you want the best of both worlds, use BootCamp or Parallels. Thought at this point (at least that's what the Apple rep told me) Windows 7 is not "officially" supported.
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      If you want the best of both worlds, use BootCamp or Parallels. Thought at this point (at least that's what the Apple rep told me) Windows 7 is not "officially" supported.
      This not always works as on occasion you get codecs and drivers errors. I know I have when I tried to use the PC version of Camtasia Studio on my Mac using Parallels. Surprisingly, the PC version is Camtasia Studio is ridiculously superior to the Mac version.
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    I just bought a PC and it runs great. The only problem from what others say is that they are always upgrading to a more powerful machine via Mac or PC so the judgments are always in favor of the newer machines. I used to be a Mac die hard but can't justify the cost for what I actually need. I still am able to create web sites, print work, process invoices and everything I need for my business with a PC. I never had a virus problem and don't have any issues with any software. The only reason why I use to use a Mac was due to them being the industry standard in graphics, 3d imaging, video creation etc. Now PC's can do all the same stuff and for much cheaper. I used the money save to purchase additional office equipment. Your choice.

    brit momaday leight
    Larry Leight

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    I think that the market provides the proof. The fact that people are prepare to pay significantly more is clear evidence that the general perception is that Macs are significantly better. Marketing doesn't work in the long term unless your promises are matched by your product. Can't think of any tool that I've desperately needed that I've not been able to find for my Mac. And, as it doesn't crash, it doesn't slow down with time and I don't have to continually wipe and re-install everything I'm much more efficient and make much more money which makes the initial upfront expenditure an absolute bargain. At the end of an evening on a PC I've often been ready to throw it out the Window. With my Mac I'm reluctant to turn it off. I'll never go back to PC - no way - even if Macs were to double in price.

    There is also something else that I just can't explain. Macs simply inspire creativity. Don't know why, don't know how but everything looks so smooth and beautiful it just inspires you to pull out the stops and come up with some of your best work.



    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    I'd say that if you're not especially Tech headed,
    a Mac may well be the wiser path. They tend to
    require less maintenance. That does not mean
    they won't go wrong ever, or that all PC's are

    If you go Mac, don't complain about lack of
    software. There's no need. There's enough
    of a market out there that you'll find software
    to do whatever you want to do. If you insist
    on using a particular Windows-only program
    then emulate it or use bootcamp.

    Just don't complain. If you buy an unleaded
    car, you don't complain that you can't put
    diesel in it. You make your choice...

    The old right-click issue died years ago. They
    are 2 button, 3 button.. all kinds of buttons
    if you want. There's no limit there.

    There's something to be said about using
    a computer that itself and the software is
    created by the same company. It's all very
    neat in that way.

    Many people buy Macs because they look
    cool. Nothing wrong with that. I bought a
    few cars in the past because I liked how
    they looked. Hey, my Wife looked good to
    me, and that's why I went with her... etc.

    Lastly, I can't think of any PC manufacturer
    who build machines to as high a level as
    Apple do. They are not perfect at all, but
    overall I think they are in front.
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    I get bored with the Mac/PC debate, but thought I'd chime in.

    Macs and PCs are just tools to accomplish your goals. Each can do what you need, sometimes with varying levels of efficiency. I used PCs back in 1985 & 1986 in my first design studio, but quickly switched to Macs in 1987, and have used Macs each and every day to make my living.

    However, I've always kept some sort of PC around to handle some things that a PC could do better, or to use PC-only software (sometimes an actual PC, sometimes Virtual PC). I'm actually now getting ready to buy a new PC to run some of these interesting IM programs I've been purchasing that run horribly slow on Macs. Whatever tool is needed is what I use. (Although I do find Macs to be much, much easier to troubleshoot when something -- rarely -- goes wrong. But that may just be my unfamiliarity with what's "under to hood" in Windows.

    You can offset the cost of a Mac by staying behind the "cutting edge." I never buy new Macs, only the best model that is a few years old. I retired an old G4 after seven years of upgrades and daily billable project work only when it became too slow to handle the software I use. Now I'm on a G5, which I will run another year to two, until my "lust" for whatever features in the latest software convinces me to lay out the cash for a new computer -- and all the software upgrades. By then, my old computer will be fully depreciated, too slow to make money with, and will be retired to a retirement as a server of some sort (I have two G4s as server, and my current G5 is destined to become another one).

    Buy the computer that fits your working style and budget. You can do your work with either one these days.

    Gary Smith, Partner, Wells-Smith Partners
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    I'll provide three things...

    1. Mac can only resize windows from the bottom left corner... c'mon.

    2. Mac requires two step process to exit application if you use just the mouse... c'mon.

    3. Can Finder get any worse?

    Nuff said.
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