Deep Link Engine? Is this real?

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Last week Alex Goad released a copy of Deep Link Engine.

Has anyone downloaded this and is it as useful as Alex Goad says?
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    I installed it on my blog and it ran with no issues.

    They have a mod coming out to do all of your blog posts automatically and it will also do all current posts.

    Does it work? No idea but I'll post a follow-up in a few weeks.

    George Kosch

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      Thanks George...

      I'll be very interested in your experience. Alex has had great success and this plug-in makes sense, so time will tell.

      I've downloaded it and will be installing it this afternoon. I'll update this thread with my experience as well.

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            Originally Posted by Hiram View Post

            Same question as Dan - how does pinging some other blog that I've linked TO THEM in one of my posts provide any links BACK TO ME?

            The sales page is kind of fuzzy on that. Am I just giving away my "link juice" in the hopes that someone will reciprocate?

            If the other blog accepts your trackback, a link will be placed on their blog
            leading back to your post.
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                If you have well written content on your blog, the pings will come to you...
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                Originally Posted by dan_kru View Post

                Accepts my trackback? How? Automatically, manually, where could the backlink to my blogpost appear? Or automatic ping back for the search engines only?? How could that work and be measurable? I just don't get it.

                On my testpost there are links to 20 blogs now since 2 days, I visited all blogs (all well alexa ranked) and looked for a backlink, nada, didn't expect so anyway, but even if there would be 1% reciprocal links, theses would not at all be useful, right? Who can explain?

                The only effect I see here is that I ask my visitors to leave my blog and go somewhere else ...
                The trackback is manually accepted.

                The backlink to your blog will appear below their post, usually between the post
                and the first comment.

                Think of it like reciprocal linking.

                You put a link in your blog post to Joe's article. To let Joe know you're talking
                about his site, you send him a trackback.

                If he accepts the trackback, a link to your blog post will appear on his site. If
                he doesn't... you can delete the link to his article.

                Here are two illustrations to help drive home the point:

                WordPress Trackback Tutorial

                How Trackback Works
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    Tools like this have been around a while. That's why I turn off trackbacks on almost all my blogs. 99.9% of these track/ping backs are spam.
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      Originally Posted by bgmacaw View Post

      Tools like this have been around a while. That's why I turn off trackbacks on almost all my blogs. 99.9% of these track/ping backs are spam.
      Are they automatically treated as spam by Akismet or do you turn them off manually? If so, where do you do that?
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        I had it on one of my blogs then decided to delete it was just a pain to try and follow up on all the links. But after deleting the plugin I have to manually delete the links added to each post on my blog. I have a ton of posts so it will be a ton of work. So beware if you install on a large blog. Test it on a new blog or a test blog with only a few posts.

        Not a happy camper!

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    More spam generation , yes sounds like a solid plan. Let the buzz begin.
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      Originally Posted by sqwibble View Post

      I came across this earlier today and I've been reading around to see what people think about the plugin. The fact that there is no way of controlling the outbound links isn't great and of course, as nice as it would be to get 100's of links to each and every blog post. The pass off is, you're effectively inviting anybody who reads your blog posts to leave your website and go off and read blog posts similar to what they've already read which kinda goes against the whole point of trying to keep people on your website as long as possible. Not give your analytics a reason to show the bounce rate going through the roof...
      100% agree.

      I thought I was missing something. Why do I need a list of 20 competitors site links below my post. If I want my hard earned visitors to click on anything it is on ads/aff.links/opt-in forms not a competitors site.

      It also prevented me from edititing a post that it had been activated on so, all in all, I am far from impressed.

      I left a comment on the blog where the plug in instructions are listed. It will be interesting to see if any replies are made. So far, there are over 450 comments, some asking sensible questions, but no responses from the plug in creators.
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    just installed this on my football site but from some comments since i link to video sites like youtube and not really content site enabled trying to figure if this will work, do i need to still blog comment on posts on sites to get it working

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    It does seem like reciprocal linking.

    But the benefit of traditional reciprocal linking (with Linkmarket for example) is you can stuff outgoing links away on a page where they are not so obvious to your visitors.

    But then, the SEO jury still seems to be out about the value of a 'reciprocal link exchange' type of link compared to a one-way backlink.

    Over to the SEO section to ask the strange people over there.....
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      I had read that Google did not like recipricol links.Can anyone confirm or deny that?
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    I actually liked this plugin. I didnt use it on all blogs, but some specific ones. The ones I used it on, it did an amazing job. It doesn't work anymore, the plugin needs to be updated. Will it ever be updated or just left to die?
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    What's the point... Thought Google killed the power of reciprocal linking off years ago?

    James Scholes
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