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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any kind of experience with Eben Pagan's products or services? Any good and are they worth for the price?

Thanks in advance.
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    As an affiliate who made sales, i was lucky enough to qualify for free access to his Guru Home Study.

    It's very impressive... and a massive amount of stuff to get through. personally I find Eben an excellent trainer and communicator.

    I can understand why he's gone to the blueprint idea because it makes what he's teaching you more applicable.

    By completing the blueprints as you've seen from the pre-launch promotions, it helps you to think through his methods and apply them to your information products business.

    That's where the big insights come from and of course, it's often what doesn't happen.

    Too many people buy this stuff and never consume it and even if they do, they never put it into action
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    I'm an affiliate also. I got started in the information product business after buying one of Eben's dating products for men. That was the first info product I ever bought. Today I own 3 of Eben's products. I was disappointed in the Ignition program... but that's the only time I've ever been disappointed in one of his products. I requested a refund and got it right away.

    Wishing I was at Tweetsie Railroad

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      I've had an inside look at Guru Blueprint - at least the many bonus bootcamp videos, Wake Up productivity video series and layout of the site which will be delivered in a series of weekly Blueprints and accompanying videos, tools, checklists. There will also be a traffic bootcamp seminar delivered to members on video in early September.

      Very impressed by the videos I see. I have been earning a living creating & marketing infoproducts for years now and still learning some powerful nuggets from Eben.

      Can't argue with the $29M business he built around Double Your Dating and massive impact he has had on IM.

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        Is Eben having the longest sales video in the world now?

        It sounds a little overwhelmed to me though.
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        Same question here. I know it was only launched a couple hours ago. I read/study many of these "guru launches" but always get cold feet when the big price tag is announced. But, the reason I have probably looked at this more seriously is that Eben is a guy who has actually DONE IT. What I mean by that is if you look at most all the other "guru's" they make their money selling "How to get rich online". MOst of them have never even built a successful REAL online , ecommerce business of their own. They have totally made their money peddling "how to" DVD's. Eben actually built a successful business FIRST, as david DeAngelo's Double your Dating. I actually read about him almost 10 years ago with his dating information business. His business model for DD was frankly quite incredible! Long before he started into the "make $$ online" products. I don't think you can find another "guru" who has had CLOSE to his success Outside the "guru" market. SO that's my 2 cents whatever it's worth.

        NOW, whether he can be equally good at teaching others with his training programs, we'll have to wait and see.
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    One thing I like about Eben as an IM guru is he made most of his money outside of the IM niche.

    Too many "gurus" these days make big money selling you products on how to make money (as if they don't know how to make money any other ways). You know who they are with their "get rich" sales pitch of the day.

    Many newbies should learn from him. Why? If you can make good money in non-IM niches, you can make really good money and with more credibility in the IM niche. However, too many newbies learn about IM by being an affiliate of "make money online" products when they just starting -- too funny. Which means they're already off to a bad start practicing B.S skills.

    Eben is so good that I do not see him as an IM guru, but an innovative dating advice guy.

    So, based on the video I've seen with him with Dr. Paul (using a lot of diagrams and pictures), I think his teaching style should be good.
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      Why such high prices? Not everybody can afford it in these days of economic downturn.

      Eben Pagan is a very highly rated IM teacher, I agree, but still...

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    Oh wow, I really wanted to get onto the blueprint program but just didn't have the money.

    I was semi-surprised at the high price, but then again Eben does offer great value for money...so I know I would have gotten my moneys worth!

    I was on his Wake Up Productive Program at the start of the year and frankly, it was awesome.

    I've used his DYD material many years ago, and again...awesome.

    This guy never fails to deliver (if he does, he'll happily give you your money back), and this can be seen by watching and reading all the free content he gives away.

    I take so much away from his free content it's unreal.

    For me, Eben is the main man. He's top of my list at being able to teach others what he knows. (I think it's a problem that he knows so much as there is not enough time for him to create all the programs he would be able to...perhaps why he is teaching others his techniques).

    As I was saying, for me he's top. For many many others, he's at least top 5.

    If you're at the stage of learning that he is teaching in this program, I would say go for it. He does back up everything he offers with an amazing guarantee!
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    *Quick Update*

    It looks like registration ends today!
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    It closes tonight.

    Eben usually opens for 1 day the next week, but this hasn't been confirmed yet.

    If you're on the fence about it, you can always give it a try. If you're not happy, request a refund. I know that Eben's team ALWAYS give prompt refunds without questions.

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      Originally Posted by Amanda_Davis View Post

      I'm a member of Eben's Guru Mastermind and have seen a lot of the stuff in Guru Blueprint, so if you have any questions about the course or my bonus, let me know and I'll help you out


      How much does it cost you to be a member?

      Ill friend you, I got a membership too.
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    Anything from Eben is top notch (at least from what I purchased from him)
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      Originally Posted by Amanda_Davis View Post

      It's re-opening on Monday for 1 day, then training starts on Tuesday.
      This is good... for those who can afford the price tag. :rolleyes:
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    Some questions for those who bought it...

    Is it 100% online or is there something that has to be shipped to me?

    What's the price tag for this?

    I kind of missed out on his launch date because I didn't watch 100% of his videos and his blog had no link or indication on the launch date. Maybe he said it in his videos but I missed it. I just signed up to his newsletter at gurublueprint.com....
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    It would be nice if someone PMed me the link to his sales letter cos I still don't know where it is.
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      Vincent the price is 1,997 with a 2,997 upsell immediately after you enter. There's no sales letter that I saw, only video. The training starts tomorrow.

      It looks pretty good, but only if you have something worthwhile to market.

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    Do you guys know any good resource on how to create videos? I prefer info-products instead of coaching programs.
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      Originally Posted by VincentL View Post

      Do you guys know any good resource on how to create videos? I prefer info-products instead of coaching programs.
      Jing and Camtasia seem to be the popular choices.
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    One thing I want to say about Guru Blueprint: Go to the original pre-launch blog (gurublueprintblog.com) and watch the pre-launch videos and do the exercises.

    You can make A LOT of money by applying the principles that Eben gave away in those videos. Sure, you may have to use a little of your own initiative and think about how you can implement them for your business etc. (i.e. you aren't taken by the hand). But if you are at all into product creation, seriously give that a go. I have no doubt that a successful info-product business could be built based just on those videos plus some thinking of your own.
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    I watched all his prelaunch videos . They were quality content . He has now launched . I would have tried out the product but I was put off by the price . There are so many products out there . You cant possibly buy all . Even if the product is considered back end , most people cant and wont pay up to a thousand dollars for any product these days . This one was padded with recycled bonuses . All of us in this market should reflect the reality in our economies in making product offerings . That not withstanding is a good product based on the pre-lunch videos .
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