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I was wondering if anyone has used Click and Drag Graphics?
If so, could you please provide a review?

Otherwise, can someone recommend a great program to create beautiful booklet covers? I've seen most have 'box' looking covers and I want a soft report...

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    I highly recommend Cover Action Pro 2.0 by Mark Monciardini. $297 when I purchased the standard package and now you can get it for only $197

    The quality is superb, worth every penny.

    Other eCover Actions
    Product Shot Pro (I bought the DVD actions)

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      As iclickgraphics has mentioned, "Cover Action Pro 2.0 by Mark Monciardini" are the best for ecovers ect IF you know how to use them and are a designer, if not they will not do you much good, click and drag graphics is good, version 2 is better probably, the main thing with that product is that it is designed for a person who is not a designer, meaning it is set up for newbies who do not have design experience, although a designer can use that product or at least some of the things in it to enhance their toolbox...

      I own it, dont use it much, on occassion I will maybe use a template from it or a effect of somekind, but most of all my designs are done from scratch....

      So, sure if you need a good starting point then by all means get it, its very user friendly, but if you plan on becoming a graphics designer then just learn photoshop and watch tutorials on how to do graphics ect....

      You will be able to do many things quickly with it that you could not do otherwise.....

      I might search around the net to find the lowest price though, because I am sure their are many different affiliates selling it...
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    If you are familiar with and have photoshop I recommend the following two products;
    The eCover Black Pack (I got it for a bargain price from a fellow Warrior) It will do pretty much everything you want in the way of digital covers.
    Or the Minty Ferret ebook action script is an excellent free script that will create a beautiful eBook cover.
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