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Hi all, I am new but just recently watched a webinare about leadevolution. A new product to find leads. It looks really great, but expensive. Has anyone used it or know anything about it or anyone elsewho has it. Please advise,
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    Thanks so much for your reply. I saw both videos about leadevolution and even put in a question of intrest, but got no reply. Again, thanks so much for your reply and I will be in touch.
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    Is it me or does this app simply scrape craigslist feeds for posters and email them?
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        Originally Posted by jackfranklin View Post

        Check out this link:
        There is no link here??
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          He's trying to advertise his signature link -which is against the forum rules.
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            It's not just craigslist but other sources too. The exciting thing is that they'll be adding even more sources and expanding. That should really bump up the number of leads you get.
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    how can we get hold of the software?

    is it on sale?

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      HonestBizPro -

      You say it's expensive; how expensive, exactly?

      And you say there's a free 2-week trial: is that actually free (with some kind of embedded code that will turn off the functionality of the program after 2 weeks), or do you have to pay that exorbitant amount of money and trust that they'll return it to you if you don't like it during those 2 weeks?

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    Can anyone help me... posted this thread with details:
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    Hi was also wondering if this really works like it says.
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    The leads we receive - are they posted to an autoresponder like Aweber or are they received as CSV files and we have to find some other means of sending them emails?

    There are stacks of lead generating companies that will supply lists of email addresses (at low prices) and these are mostly worthless with recipients showing very little response except hostility - and few autoresponder hosts will touch them.

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      Take a look at the videos. They explain everything.

      Basically it sources different venues where people are asking for help. It collates these. Then you have the option of emailing them directly with your help, service, offers, etc. This can be done from the software itself. It even flags which people you have already replied to. A lot depends on how you craft your own email. You can also just choose to collect the leads and sell them, etc. Different monetization models are explored for you.

      Plus since the person is asking for something and you provide it, it is (a) targeted and therefore converts well and (b) not spam since you're giving them what they want. They apparently consulted a top internet lawyer about this and were given the green light.
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    honestbizpro, how much did you pay for the software? It sounds promising. How long did it take to recoup your investment?
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