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Can anyone please tell me whether making a site in Wordpress is better than making it on Joomla or vice-versa, in regards to SEO abilities and benefits?
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    I asked my host this very same question the other day and he said go with Word Press because Joomla has the most security exploits of any content management system. Unless you know how to secure your Joomla site up tight, he said go with Word Press.

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    I think wordpress due to the amount of plugins available, which make it perfect for seo, and it's pretty easy to use.

    I've tried joomla, I just didn't like it.
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    Hey, I will close my eyes and still choose wordpress.

    Just my choice; no sentimental attachment.
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  • By far...Wordpress. No questions asked. Their integration and rather simple interface has them beat everyone else, my opinion, hands down.

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    here is the thing I make sites in wordpres, joomla and occasionally xsitepro.

    Wordpress is excellent and still my #1 choice for many many reasons but having said that I dont place my eggs in one basket.

    I have found many of my joomla sites are outranking my wordpress ones. Learning curve with joomla is higher but once you know its, its fast to use. Lots of extensions with it

    but for ease of use wordpress
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      Originally Posted by JonMills View Post

      here is the thing I make sites in wordpress, joomla and occasionally xsitepro.
      I bought xSitePro2 but only ever played with it, because WordPress did everything I needed back then, and I didn't need either of those to build lenses on Squidoo.

      Now I'm not sure why I need anything other than WordPress and appropriate plug-ins.
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    (the summary: use wordpress LoL)

    But they're kind of two different beasts.

    I'm a tech geek that uses both, for different purposes.

    And, one thing to keep in mind is that with WP 3.x out, there's many more options available to the WordPress user that used to not be available.

    WAY back in the day, Joomla met needs that WordPress couldn't, while WordPress cut it's teeth being a basic blogging platform, Joomla served other needs to make it a full-fledged CMS (Content Management System) and had a lot more flexibility as far as "what shows up where", in regards to articles and content items. This allowed for an easier time creating massive content directories, easily categorized with menus/sub-menus showing up only on the pages where you want them (as a short example). WordPress could not easily do this, and while there was a steeper learning curve to Joomla, it was easier to do most "simple website" setups, instead of the "blog" look and feel that WordPress traditionally delivered.

    Flash-forward a few years, and we have WordPress 3.0. This has truly evolved to a pretty simple to use blog platform, sure, but can also be tweaked (depending on the template) to have a more "website" feel instead of a "blog" feel, as it used to be. In either case, CSS and php background is helpful for modifications, but is somewhat easier in WordPress.

    I think Joomla has a steeper learning curve, and (as mentioned by AFI (thanks)) there are some security concerns with Joomla that aren't easily remedied.

    Both have their uses, but I think if someone were to ask me, I would assume that they do not have too much experience beyond basic, and the learning curve for Joomla might be a little bit ridiculous (and ultimately discouraging). Therefore, start with WordPress, find an awesome theme to use, and have fun

    My hosting plans (linked in sig) are basically god*ddy hosting, branded for my business, and include an auto-installer for WP as well as Joomla. I've written a guide on using the installer at How to Install WordPress on a GoDaddy Hosting Account - Info Barrel which covers an easy how-to if you go with either hosting plan. Although folks here seem to favor host-gator, so I'm not going to get into any debates lol.

    Good luck, love WordPress! Have fun with it!!! It does lots!
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    I have had both. I thought wordpress was too hard, so I had someone build a site in Joomla. She said it was easy to use. It isn't! It has a completely different terminology and way of using it.

    Wordpress has really become the industry standard and is easy to learn on your own if you have some helpful guidance. It really isn't that hard once you get used to it.

    As far as seo, it's fantastic with the plugins available. And all the useful plugins are amazing! The paid plugins for affiliate marketing I don't believe are available for Joomla.

    In my opinion, it's wordpress hands down.
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    Wordpress any day.

    Automation :-)

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    I started a membership site with Joomla several years ago. Since then, I have been using WP with good success. I ran into a glitch and issues with my hosting company when my IT guy failed to update it. I guess there with hacking issues related to it. Then when I tried to hire someone out of the country to do the update, there were even more issues caused by the security breech than I ever knew about. I see so much third party involvement, it seems like the right place to go. I have also thought about moving my Joomla membership data onto another platform.
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    I run wordpress and joomla. I believe the joomla can look more professional sometimes. But Wordpress is for sure much easier. Many forums and help guides out there for wordpress. Joomla is still growning. In a few years joomla will get better, ever more easier than wordpress. Check the setting of each, to see what suits you more. What ever you choose will not get you disappointed.
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    Wordpress is still the best for now. I use both, but I use them for different purposes.
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    You down with W-P, yeah you know me..... Sorry, its friday!!
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    Never used Joomla but I love Wordpress.
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    I mostly use WordPress because I'm so used to it, but I have used Joomla too, and as others have said, Joomla in some "out of the box" ways is more flexible (i.e. it's easier to get things the way you want them - in other words it's not necessarily theme/template dependent).

    I have also been looking at some Joomla templates lately (I haven't done that in a long time), and I have to say, for a "regular" website look/feel, there is a lot more available via Joomla than WordPress. With WordPress, nearly everything is blog oriented, or it includes the blogging element in a major way.

    WordPress most certainly is becoming a full-fledged CMS; however, most theme developers haven't caught up. (compared to joomla)

    Still, I will continue to use WordPress just because I am more familiar with it. And I will wait for the community to catch up. Until then, it's hack, hack, hack.
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    Wordpress is very easy for a newbie, but very versatile for someone who knows what they're doing. Add the fact that it's much easier to find designers and support for Wordpress, and it's a clear winner, in my opinion.
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    I agree Wordpress - its really simple to instal and there is lots of good information around on how to edit a site. Plus so many awesome plugins.
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      I would caution against Joomla myself as others have mentioned. I've had entire sites destroyed by malicious hackers and viruses built on Joomla. It's been one headache after another until I finally said "Screw it"' and just shut my business down. Unless you are a security expert, I think there are too many exploits with Joomla.
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        I've used Joomla and it was security nightmare. Got all my Joomla sites hacked
        in one day and the hackers destroyed months of work.

        I switched over to wordpress and you couldn't pay me to go back to Joomla

        IMHO Wordpress is the best by far
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    Joomla is powerful and you can basically tweak it to be almost anything. But like Jon mentioned there is a steep learning curve to using it. But once understood WP shouldn't be a problem in using.

    But I'm using wordpress these days for simple CMSes but Joomla for more corporate sites.

    Security wise, yes my Joomla sites did get hacked in the past but no more because you have to keep update on the latest security patches. And yes my WP gets hacked too and if you search through Google, you will find similar issues on WP being unsecured. As far as security goes, even HTML pages can get hacked right?
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    I suggest that you use wordpress. It is easy to manage and friendly to SEO..
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    WordPress, not only because it has tons of plugins, tons of support material, and ease of use, but because Google's Matt Cutts said it's the best blogging platform for SEO:

    Google’s Matt Cutts on WordPress as the best blogging platform for SEO
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    Definitely Wordpress - from experience there's far to many security issues with Joomla...
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    I'd been mulling over this same question for a few days. I think I'll go with Wordpress for my next projects. About time to scale up from Blogger now I've seen that IM works.
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      Thanks all of you for your replies. I just wanna say that I have already made my site on joomla and it is working fine till now. I have not made much changes and using one of the default themes given with joomla. Here is my site VirtualMoolahTips. net
      I dont know whether putting links is allowed or not, but if it is allowed please let me know how the site is. Keep in mind, it is not finished yet and some more sections have to be added.
      IM is like Education! It takes time and effort to be a Master!
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        Originally Posted by souravdas32000 View Post

        Thanks all of you for your replies. I just wanna say that I have already made my site on joomla and it is working fine till now. I have not made much changes and using one of the default themes given with joomla. Here is my site VirtualMoolahTips. net
        I dont know whether putting links is allowed or not, but if it is allowed please let me know how the site is. Keep in mind, it is not finished yet and some more sections have to be added.
        I typed in your url and it comes up with an error...

        Wordpress. :p
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    You should have created your site on WordPress. Don't you know that WordPress is the internet's #1 CMS right now? It has lots of plugins and tools to use than Joomla and other competitors. But anyway, I respect whatever decision you have. Good luck to your website.
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    Actually when I started using CMS I found that wordpress was mostly blog types and did not have any advice from anyone so went for Joomla.
    IM is like Education! It takes time and effort to be a Master!
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    • I would say Wordpress just because of what you can do with it. Dont know a lot about Joomla.
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    Joomla has a ton of out of the box features, many of which can be added to WP through plugins.

    I think WP is the Google of blogging platforms. It's easy, powerful, user friendly and in continual development. Joomla just doesn't have the development support to that level. Not to mention all the templates with WP.

    For me, anything affiliate based I go with WP. However, if you have to build a company intranet or something like that, Joomla has some really nice features. Could be worth a look for you.
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    What are you using it for?

    Are you putting up a blog or launching a product...Building sales or squeeze pages....

    Either way wordrpress is way better.......But for wordpress there are way more things you can do....
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    The question should be...
    Coke or Pepsi, Mac or PC, Wordpress or Joomla.

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    @tonydbaker - For me Pepsi, Mac and Joomla
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    I'm jumping on the Wordpress Bandwagon, not because everyone else is on it as well, but because it works perfectly for me. I tried Joomla and it was just too complex and needed alot of time spent understanding it. I understood Wordpress right out of the box. There really is no difference in SEO and capabilities, just whichever CMS works better for you.
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    In terms of sanity, stay with WordPress. Much greater support.
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