Which WordPress Theme?

by GlenH
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Hi Guy,

Can I get member options on what is the 'best' semi auto- setup Word Press theme.

This is my short list...

Socrates theme
Alvin Phangs - Atomic Blogging Theme

I know there's also...

JV Press theme

But they don't seem to be your more' traditional' type blog themes. More for product launches etc.

Any opinions would be helpful.

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    Hi Glen,

    I currently use Alvin's Atomic Blogging Theme on several of my sites, and I like it. It looks nice, in my opinion, and is relatively simple to use. Alvin's actually done a great job of making it both non-tech and newbie friendly.

    I especially appreciate the level of customization that is available on the back end. It includes a social media and advertisement module, as well as an autoresponder squeeze page template. At this time, the autoresponder template only works with Aweber, but I suspect he'll address this limitation with his next release. Monetizing is pretty easy too, and I absolutely love how simple it is to add banners.

    The cost puts it within reach of just about anyone interested in blogging, and the unlimited license is great too. Check out the link in my signature if you'd like to see the Atomic Blogging Theme "live".

    Elegant themes aren't too bad. You pay a reasonable annual fee and get access to almost 24 different themes (a little more or a little less, I can't recall specifically). You do have some customization, but I find them to be more difficult to tweak than Alvin's theme.

    I'm also test driving the Authority Pro Theme, which seems pretty powerful and customizable, but a little more difficult to learn, or at least utilize to it's fullest extent. What can I say? It (and me, for that matter) are works in progress.

    Take care,

    Fred S.

    Treat others the way you want to be treated... it's the Golden Rule.

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    Thesis is very popular
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      Originally Posted by rkcc4 View Post

      Thesis is very popular
      +1 for Thesis
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    Thesis is good for SEO
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      I use Thesis, and tested configurations over a large number of autoblogs.

      ...once you find a winning setup, you can clone with WP Twin.

      If you don't clone it simply takes up too much time.

      Thesis is fierce if you set it up properly.


      Note: Some will say that Thesis is over rated. They are wrong...honestly!
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    Another vote for Thesis. It was the first time I've ever paid for a theme, and I'd never go back. Powerful, and easy to configure and modify.

    You CAN make money online ... you just need a plan:

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    I use have used all the themes mentioned above, plus a number of others that I have tried or done myself.

    The best tip I can give anyone is to just pick the one you have the easiest time with and stick to that. People tend to spend far too much time trying to find the 'perfect' theme or whatever - I know I did. All the themes mentioned can do what you want, so my advice is to pick the one you are most comfortable with now and just focus on that.

    You can spend days looking for the perfect theme, or days learning 1 theme inside out so that you can do pretty much anything with it - and I can tell you which one is the most productive use of your time.
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    Regarding Thesis, how difficult is it to learn? According to Scott, above, it's easy to configure, but can a newbie with limited technical skills really learn it that quickly?

    Treat others the way you want to be treated... it's the Golden Rule.

    Golden Rule Internet Marketing

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    I vote for Thesis too.

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